– an open-source ride-hailing service

When it comes to ride-hailing/sharing services, the popular options are Uber and Grab. These companies work as a bridge between passengers and drivers. LibreTaxi, on the other hand, tries to differ by getting rid of the third party, allowing passenger and driver to negotiate directly when it comes to cost.

• - an open-source ride-hailing service was developed by San Francisco-based Roman Pushkin. The concept of the service is simple – allow car owners to pick up passengers and earn money, and for passengers to find drivers to take them to their destination. Although the concept is similar to Uber and Grab, LibreTaxi does it differently:

• It doesn’t have its own standalone app but the service can be utilized using a chatbot based on the Telegram app.
• doesn’t charge drivers or passengers. Instead,
• Drivers and passengers can directly negotiate prices with cash-only transactions.
• It doesn’t have a credit approval process and vehicle restrictions so you can be a driver by simply answering a few questions from the chat bot.
• No GPS tracking.
• It’s open source, so developers can fine tune the service or add features.

• - an open-source ride-hailing service

The service certainly looks promising. Although there are important factors to be considered especially here in the Philippines like transport regulations and security.

For more information about LibreTaxi, you may visit their website here.

Louie Diangson
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  1. “Drivers and passengers can directly negotiate prices with cash-only transactions”

    This app just promotes KONTRATA and not using the meter in a taxi.

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