Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act signed into law

Last March 8, President Duterte signed the Republic Act no. 11235, more known as the “Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act.”

yugabike • Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act signed into law

The signed measure requires that motorcycles must have number plates that are larger than the current ones, readable, and color-coded by region. The law aims to lessen and prevent crimes aided by the use of motorcycles by having the number plates clear and identifiable, even from a distance.

As stated in the RA no. 11235, the LTO is required to issue a readable number plate for every motorcycle. The agency will be the one to determine the overall uniform design of the plates, making sure that it is readable on all sides and from a distance of 15 meters. LTO will also be in charge of assigning the color codes per region in the Philippines.

Motorists caught using a motorcycle without a number plate or an identifiable plate number shall be punished by imprisonment or by paying a minimum fine of PHP 50,000 or up to a maximum of PHP 100,000. Law enforcers are also allowed to seize the caught vehicles which will then be surrendered to the Philippine National Police (PNP).

The LTO, in consultation with law enforcement and other relevant agencies, shall promulgate the implementing rules and regulations.

You can read the full act here.



  1. hello yuga anung exact model nung bike nasa picture :)) thanks

  2. Reply Avatar of Iregulateangbikeatprivatecars
    Iregulateangbikeatprivatecars March 15, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    Ayos to. Andaming motor na malabo ang plate number kaya bida bida sa mga kalye. Dapat may batas din na bawal ang bike sa sidewalks at babaan ng tao sa right lane unless hihinto. Taasan din ang penalty sa mga counterflow at dumadaan sa footbridge. Palagi yan sa commonwealth sila pa ang galit pag nasasagi yung mga bumababa ng jip.

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