Lexus and Razer unveil a gaming station TX

Lexus has taken its three-row unibody crossover SUV, the TX, to a whole new level by transforming it into a gaming haven in collaboration with Razer, the consumer electronics company. Unveiled at the 2023 Esports Awards Show in Las Vegas, the Razer Lexus TX boasts a distinctive design with a custom Lexus logo and Razer green LED accents on various exterior elements, including the grille, mirrors, roof runners, rear windows, and underbody.

Inside the vehicle, the second and third rows have been replaced with four Razer Iskur gaming seats, creating a gaming setup with screens and peripherals that turn the TX into the ultimate gaming vehicle. This extraordinary project, named the Razer Lexus TX, will be featured in a three-part video series, with the first episode showcasing the collaboration between the luxury automaker and the gaming technology company.

Lexus Razer TX

Photo: Lexus

Vinay Shahani, the vice president of Lexus Marketing, expressed the brand’s dedication to the gaming community, emphasizing the shared passion for innovation and technology between Lexus and Razer. The project goes beyond mere cosmetic changes, as Bob Picunko, the director of Marketing at Razer Americas, highlighted that the Razer Lexus TX incorporates fully realized gaming battlestations within its spacious interior.

The vehicle was exclusively revealed to gaming enthusiasts at The 2023 Esports Awards Show, where it garnered inspiration from the gaming community. The Razer Lexus TX features a custom black Lexus logo and vibrant Razer green LED trim and panels, creating a visually striking appearance.

However, despite the excitement surrounding this gaming space on wheels, it’s important to note that Lexus acknowledges the potential street-legality issues and warranty concerns associated with using non-Lexus parts in the transformation. The collaboration aims to celebrate the intersection of luxury vehicles and epic gaming, emphasizing a commitment to providing a unique experience for both automotive and gaming enthusiasts alike.

As of the time of writing, Lexus has released two of the three episodes in this three-part video series about the Razer x Lexus TX gaming station.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

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