Audi bids farewell to the Audi TT

The inevitable end of an era has arrived as Audi bids farewell to the TT, a car that first graced the automotive scene at the 1995 Frankfurt Motor Show. Now, after 25 years of production and the evolution through three distinct generations, the Tourist Trophy takes its final bow with the last model rolling off the assembly line at Audi’s Györ plant in Hungary.

From its commercial debut on February 18, 1998, to its swan song on November 10, 2023, Audi, adorned with its iconic Four Rings, crafted a total of 662,762 TTs. The concluding chapter features a TTS Coupe, housing the spirited turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine and Quattro all-wheel drive – a fitting homage to the sporty essence that defined the TT. In an automotive landscape increasingly dominated by the towering presence of crossovers and SUVs, the TT’s endurance over a quarter of a century stands as a testament to its timeless appeal.


Photo: @audi_de

The poignant farewell lacks the formality of a traditional press release, instead, Audi chose the modern platform of Instagram to share the news. The final glimpse of the TT is juxtaposed against the backdrop of its conceptual origin from 1995 and a first-generation roadster, distinguished by a coveted leather interior adorned with baseball-style stitching. Although the outgoing Mk3 represented the pinnacle of style on the MQB platform, aficionados still harbor an enduring affection for the original TT’s distinctive aesthetics.

Before the curtain falls, the TT underwent a series of farewell editions tailored to various regional markets. Its departure signals not just the end of an iconic model but also marks the gradual phasing out of the five-cylinder engine, a powerhouse that still roars within the RS3 and RS Q3 models. Reflecting on its heyday, the TT’s lineage boasts a history with a larger VR6 engine, underscoring its commitment to performance.

Amidst the valediction, Audi tantalizes with the prospect of the TT’s resurrection as an electric vehicle, a prospect that remains undecided. Enthusiasts hold out hope for the return of the beloved coupe and roadster duo, though tantalizing concepts, such as the 2014 TT Sportback and the 2014 TT Offroad, hint at the intriguing potential for diverse body styles in the TT’s potential rebirth.

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