MMDA sternly reminds public of danger posed by motorized vehicles on bicycle lanes

As duly licensed motor vehicle and motorcycle drivers, the MMDA need not remind us that we are to stay off the bicycle lanes, yes? Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Metro Manila Development Authority has again gone online to remind everyone that any motorized vehicle is prohibited from parking or traversing along bike lanes because of the danger they pose to bikers and pedestrians alike.

MMDA will apprehend motorized vehicles parked or traveling along bike lanes

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Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

Back in August this year, the MMDA reminded the motoring public to stay off the exclusive bicycle lanes. Anywhere in Metro Manila – along EDSA and cities where they have jurisdiction – where bike lanes have been put in place, any motorized vehicle is prohibited from using it in the interest of the safety of bikers and pedestrians alike.

Just this past weekend, the MMDA responded to a call after a 9-year-old student was sideswiped by a motorcycle. The student and the student’s companion had to momentarily step into the bike lane to avoid a newly cemented portion of the sidewalk where the former was hit by a motorcyclist.

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Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

This incident has led the agency to again post on its social media page reminding everyone to stay off the bike lanes meant for active transport. As it stands, there is a PHP 1,000 fine in place for those found violating this particular traffic law, but that hasn’t been much of a deterrent as we can still see a lot who disregard it.

Previously, the MMDA went on to say that the bicycle lane is not a “fast lane” for motorcycles to use to avoid having to get in line in traffic jams. Monitoring of the agency has shown a high number of motorcyclists who disregard the exclusivity of the bike lanes even with traffic constables and law enforcers present and apprehending violators.

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Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

Yes, many think and believe that the bike lanes are an afterthought, in that they were rather hastily delineated and designated. This led to the narrowing and reduction of the number of lanes for motorized vehicles, but the fact of the matter is that it is an idea borne of inclusivity and adaptation to the growing needs of transportation. That said, there really isn’t much to do but to follow the law and give the bikers (and pedestrians) a fair share of the road until such time that better infrastructure for active transport can be put in place.

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