Time’s up for the Toyota Camry in Japan by end of 2023

It’s another sad day for a legendary car brand and nameplate, it was announced Toyota is set to end sales of the Camry sedan by the end of 2023.

Japan to no longer get the Toyota Camry

There is good news however because only the home market of Japan will be losing the Camry, and the rest of the world will still continue to get current and upcoming Camry models for the foreseeable future. Every Camry produced in the land of the rising sun will be purely starting in 2024 onwards.

The news was first reported by Nikkei Asia, which states that the ceasing of sales and production is going to happen in phases with new orders for the Camry already being halted by dealerships. It will mark the end of a 43-year historical run of the Camry model in Japan. Over that period of time 1.3 Million Camry were sold in the home market.

What spelled the end for the Camry was that it sold only 6,000 units last year due to the semiconductor shortage, and the brand will instead focus on other markets for the model.

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Pablo Salapantan

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