Harley-Davidson opens dealership in the Philippines

Last night, we were invited to the formal launching of the Harley-Davison dealership in the Philippines with its first shop to be opened at The Fort, BGC.

Harley-Davinson fans normally import their bikes from abroad (usually Singapore) so the news of a local dealership means direct access to new models, service warranties and readily available parts and accessories.

harley davison philippines • Harley-Davidson opens dealership in the Philippines

CATS Motors (same company who imports the Mercedes Benz line) bagged the license for the local Harley dealership. They’ve formed a separate company to handle Harley-Davidson exclusively and will open shop at The Fort.

  1. how is this post related to Technology, at least the stuff that I look forward to reading in Yugatech. Oh well, at least it’s only 3 paragraphs.

  2. isnt the first shop along EDSA beside CATS?

  3. how much?!?

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