Fast X (10) teaser reveals the beginning of the end for Fast and Furious series

The Fast and Furious movie franchise has been burning rubber since 2001. when the first movie was launched it became an instant classic for normal people and petrolheads as well.

It has since then birthed a series of blockbuster movies that have told the story of a ‘family’ teetering on the edge of collapse as a sort of renegade robin hood group. Every movie since the first one has challenged the norm, with each stunt getting more ambitious ultimately culminating in the last movie’s “car in space” stunt.

Fast And Furious Inline

Is fast and Furious X the final installment?

The next movie dubbed “Fast X” has been teased by Universal Studios, with the trailer set to drop on Feb 10, 2023. Shown on the teaser post/poster is Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) holding his famous cross necklace in a prayer position with the words “The End Of The Road Begins” displayed as well.

It has been confirmed that this 10th installment and an 11th will be the last of the saga. The movie will be directed by Louis Letterier (who did both The Transporter films, The Incredible Hulk, and Clash of Titans) after former director Justin Lin stepped down last April.

No other details have been revealed as of yet but we can assume that as much of the original cast will be retained, and for the movie makers to pull on those nostalgic strings as the Fast and Furious saga comes to an end.

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