New MMDA Strike Force will focus on combating illegal parking

The MMDA isn’t sitting easy, especially with the anticipated traffic jams during the holiday rush. With every bit of driveable road becoming more important, a new Strike Force will be working alongside the agency’s clearing operations to rid streets of illegally parked vehicles. Mabuhay Lanes and other areas within the jurisdiction of the Metro Manila Development Authority will be covered by the Strike Force, and they will be very active.

MMDA Strike Force is composed of multiple teams deployed in various areas in Metro Manila

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The announcement of the formation of this new Task Force was made by Agency Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes at the same time he reminded the public of higher fees and penalties for violating the EDSA Bus Lane. The Task Force will augment the operations conducted against illegal parking along Mabuhay Lanes and other areas within the Agency’s jurisdiction.

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“The strike force shall conduct regular clearing operations on all Mabuhay Lanes and reported areas to ensure that alternate routes for EDSA are passable and obstruction-free. They will be equipped with body-worn cameras and handheld ticketing devices which they will use in their operation,” said Artes.

MMDA General Manager Usec. Procopio Lipana and Traffic Discipline Office Director for Enforcement Atty. Victor Nuñez will head the Task Force. The focus will be on the areas that have consistently been reported as “havens” for illegally parked vehicles, but this is not to say that they will not be making the rounds in other areas. The strike force will be composed of several teams of motorcycle-riding traffic enforcers to be deployed in areas where illegal parking is reported.

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Photo: MMDA Facebook Page

Illegal parking has been one of the many problems of traffic law enforcers, and towing operations have continued to be carried out. The problem is that there are so many of these illegally parked vehicles that need to be towed but there aren’t enough accredited tow trucks to carry it out. That does point to a very real problem, doesn’t it?

That notwithstanding, we hope that the Task Force can effectively carry out its mandate and that those in the wrong just fess up for their wrongdoing without much of a show. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for apprehension, and consciously not following the law, is even less so.

Good luck, new MMDA Task Force! You’ll have your hands full, for sure, but we’re rooting for all of you!

Mikko Juangco
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