Nissan LEAF EV price reduction for PH in the works

The Nissan LEAF EV has been around for quite some time now, but the high retail price of the vehicle has somewhat put off buyers from making a foray into EV motoring.

Thankfully, ownership of the best-selling (globally) EV may soon become easier for Filipinos.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan to slash LEAF EV prices

During the recently concluded Nissan PH media thanksgiving dinner, wherein NPI President Juan Manuel Hoyos teased a new performance model (possibly the Z) he also announced that pricing for the LEAF may soon drop because of the recent news on the Executive Order which temporarily modifies the tariff rates on imported EVs and EV parts.

While the announcement surely gives credence and excitement to those who want to join the EV world, Mr. Hoyos was light on the specific price cut on the LEAF. He stated that while the brand is excited by the new development, an announcement on the new price will happen once all details have been ironed out.

Nissan Leaf Main

Even though the LEAF is a Japanese vehicle, the NPI gets it from their Sunderland Plant in the United Kingdom. However, the price slash could range from 1 to 8 percent, which means there’s a chance of a PHP 230,000 difference. Taking it all into account the new SRP for the leaf could be around PHP 2,574,000 making it slightly more affordable.

Last October 2022, Nissan Philippines launched an updated version of the LEAF during the EV summit, which saw both exterior and feature upgrades.

With a price cut for the LEAF looming, would you get one?


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