New Single Ticketing System: List of most common traffic violations and their fines

The Single Ticketing System across all of Metro Manila cities is nearing full implementation. Under the new system, specific traffic laws will be standardized throughout, and violations will entail a likewise standardized fine. In this list, you’ll find the most commonly violated traffic laws that will fall under the new system’s ticketing and penalization scheme.

Single Ticketing System Violation-Fine Matrix

As we know, it’s all about standardization. The violations you will see below are what have been deemed the most commonly violated traffic laws, and as such, getting apprehended for these offenses in Metro Manila will render the same monetary fines regardless of what city you’ve been pulled over.

Let’s have a look.

Single Ticketing System Violations Fine Matrix Inline 01 Min

Photo: MMDA

Based on the Single Ticketing System fine matrix above, the lowest penalty you can get is PHP 500, and that will be for violating the Number Coding scheme, the tricycle ban (driving a tricycle on highways), the dress code for motorcycles (not wearing pants or wearing slippers), and for being arrogant or discourteous towards enforcers.

The most expensive fine, on the other hand, is for violating the truck ban which on the first offense alone gets a hefty PHP 3,000 tag. Getting caught for illegal counterflow for a second time, though, gets you a bill of PHP 5,000.

Single Ticketing System Violations Fine Matrix Inline 02 Min

Photo: MMDA

Under the Single Ticketing System, violations of special laws have bigger fines across the board.

The lowest fine for the first offense is already at PHP 1,000, and this will be for not wearing your seatbelt or failure to or using sub-standard child restraint systems/seats. The highest amount that traffic law violators will pay goes up to PHP 10,000 on the third or final offense for not wearing a helmet and for violation of the Children’s Safety On Motorcycle Act, respectively.

Lto Mmda Mmc Single Ticketing System Approved Main 00 Min

Photo: LTO

With implementation set for some time in Q1 or April of this year, the Single Ticketing System is working out its kinks and wrinkles at a pretty fast pace. Metro Manila LGUs will have until March 15 to pass their respective ordinances adapting to the Metro Manila Traffic Code 2023 to avoid any confusion and seamlessly roll out the intended standardization.

For the MMDA and the LTO, and even the mayors of the Metro Manila Council, this is but one of the many ways they came up with to make things “easier” for motorists. With high technology and strict implementation of rules, you have to admit that the intentions are quite noble.

But the question remains: will the Single Ticketing System be implemented properly? And will enough information be disseminated and will enough education be given for all motorists to abide by? That’s just it, isn’t it? We hope everyone’s in the know by the time the System rolls out.

Ignorance, after all, is not an excuse for breaking the law.

Mikko Juangco
  1. Maraming mga establishment lalo na sa makati na kahit may transaction ka sa building ex.collection ayaw ng mga Security Guard magpapark kaya ang resulta hazard parking ka sa side walk..

  2. Re: disregarding traffic sign (DTS) with P1k fine, I pray that the size and location of traffic signs will be in accordance with P.D. 207 ratifying the 1968 Vienna Conventions of the United Nations on road traffic and road signs and signals, respectively issued on June 16, 1973.

  3. Sobra naman yong cost ng mga penalties. Sana babaan naman kasi na namun kaya magbyad kpag senior citizen ka na. I do understand that a higher penalty would mitigate committing such violation, but not all the time.

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