Coming very soon: enforcement of Commonwealth’s exclusive motorcycle lane

If you frequent Commonwealth Avenue, you’ll see that the demarkations of the motorcycle lane have already been repainted. And that’s probably with good reason. After last year’s approval for the said exclusive lane, it looks like its implementation and enforcement are set to begin sooner rather than later.

MMDA to enforce the use of exclusive motorcycle lanes along Commonwealth

Mmda Commonwealth Motorcycle Lane Soon Implemented Inline 01 Min

Photo: MMDA

A meeting was held last week between 1-Rider party-list Reps. Bonifacio Bosita and Rodge Gutierrez and MMDA acting chairman Romando Artes. The said meeting was to discuss details such as road markings, signage, and if the proper distance or “width” of the MC lane has been properly put in place ahead of its implementation.

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Photo: MMDA

The 3rd outermost lane has been designated as the exclusive motorcycle lane along the main thoroughfare, with the 2 others reserved for bicycles (outermost lane) and PUVs (2nd lane). The lanes will span the distance from Elliptical Road all the way to Dona Carmen; that’s effectively the entire length of Commonwealth.

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2021 saw the most number of motorcycle crashes in Quezon City, and Commonwealth comes in 2nd with the most incidences of motorcycle-related accidents. As of this publishing, we hope that number was reduced in the past year, but numbers don’t lie, and this data is very important. The exclusive motorcycle lane was conceived with the belief that it will curb these potentially fatal crashes along the last of the country’s wide highways.

Do you think it will work, though?

Mikko Juangco
  1. The motorcycle lane is too wide, takes about one and half width of the motor vehicle lane. It could accommodate more than 3 motorcycles going together at the same time whereas there are only 2 car lanes in some section of Commonwealth causing traffic congestion. Exclusive lane may be a good idea if they can enforce and sustain it. Still the driver’s discipline is utmost importance. One thing the MMDA should take note is the road condition of Commonwealth. There are so many potholes or uneven surface in many sections. How could you drive properly if you have to swerve or slow down to avoid all these. Beside, it definitely add up to the maintenance cost of your car.

  2. They must fix the road first, many long damage, uneven asphalted roads are still left unattended causing accidents due to swerving avoiding those damaged roads. Some portion have reduced lanes, another cause of accidents at crossings , under peds crossings, etc.

  3. I dont think this will last.hanggang umpisa,waste of funds for the blue lane.matigas ulo ng mga motorist at hindi sinusunod mga trapik signs.

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