LTO promptly suspends license of agitated motorist in viral road rage video, summons owner of vehicle

The long holiday saw a viral road rage incident take to the internet. This did not go past the eyes of the LTO and the local government of Quezon City and as such, numerous actions have been taken involving the gun-toting individual seen in the video, as well as the registered owner of the vehicle involved in the incident.

LTO summons registered owner of vehicle in viral incident, suspends license of gun-toting driver

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

In a video that has since been taken down due to allegations of threat and harm, a bicyclist was seen being cut off by a red sedan. An altercation ensued with the driver of the vehicle alighting, taking out and cocking a gun, and physically hitting the bicyclist. While a full video that can show what led to the incident cannot be found, the fact of the matter remains that a gun was put into play.

This did not sit well with the LTO as well as the Quezon City Government (where the incident happened) and as such, the driver of the vehicle who has since been identified was handed a Driver’s License suspension. The said suspension will be in place as investigations continue and pending findings, may result in revocation and lifetime ban from holding a valid license.

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

The case became more complicated as the vehicle involved was not registered to the gun-toting individual. Ownership of the red sedan has been traced and the LTO has likewise issued a Show Cause Order to the actual owner of the car, with a date set for August 31, 2023. This Order is to explain why the owner was not the actual driver during the incident and to give clarification as to why the driver in the video had the vehicle at that time. The vehicle has been placed under alarm effective immediately.

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Photo: QC Government

The QC Government did not take lightly to the incident, and like the LTO, issued a statement. “We are appealing to the complainant to come forward so that Willy Gonzalez, whom I consider a menace to society, is held accountable. We want to assure the cyclist that we will extend legal assistance, as well as put him and his family in our protection, so that justice is served. I will not allow this case to be whitewashed. Maaaring natatakot ang biktima na humarap dahil ang nakatapat niya ay taga-gobyerno. Nais nating bigyang-diin na walang puwang ang karahasan sa ating lungsod [The victim might be afraid because the other party is from the government. We want to emphasize that there is no space for violence in our City],” said Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte.

The LGU has since committed to providing assistance and protection to the victim, and the Mayor herself has committed to “further strengthen the safety of bike lanes and deploy more bike patrols to protect the cyclists and maintain safer roads”.

As it stands, it’s now your move, LTO, Mr. gun-toting individual, and red sedan owner. The public is watching. Circumstances notwithstanding, we simply hope that justice is served. Be patient, and be responsible, especially if you own a gun.


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