Autosweep, Easytrip RFID installation at Shell Magallanes will be discontinued starting Sep. 1, 2023

Knowledge of RFID installation sites is key for anyone who wishes to use expressways. One such site will be closing down, though, and come September 1, 2023, Autosweep and Easytrip RFID tags will no longer be a service that you can get at Shell Magallanes. In a statement from Shell posted by the Toll Regulatory Board, we have only three days – including today – to take advantage of the installation site before it closes down.

No more Autosweep, Easytrip RFID installation and stickering at Shell Magallanes next month

Shell Magallanes No More Easytrip Autosweep Rfid Installation Inline 01 Min

Photo: Shell/Toll Regulatory Board

As can be seen in the Memo above, Shell Magallanes has announced the ceasing of RFID installation at their station beginning next month. No other reason was indicated as to why the service will be stopped other than “careful consideration and alignment.. with… stakeholders”. This may be a bit of a minor inconvenience to those residing in the South, but yes there still are a good number of installation sites around the Metro.

Smc Ready For Contactless Toll Collection rfid installation Inline 01 Min

The installation of RFID tags has quickly become a priority for those who frequently travel using expressways. With the said expressways and tollways starting to go with fully cashless transactions, having tags will be the only way to gain entry (and exit) from the paid tollways. A lot of motorists and citizens are up in arms for fear of more traffic and inconvenience ensuing given this contactless system, but the operators of the tollways are confident and say that they are ready for the transition.

Nlex Balintawak Toll Booth Rfid Cashless Transaction Inline 02 rfid reloading station autosweep easytrip rfid installation

All that said, we’ve compiled a list of all installation sites for your RIFD needs 431 in our online guide that you can find here 423. Sharing is caring, and though we are losing one site starting next month, it’s good to know what other options we have to get our tags installed. Best not to be caught unaware because along with the closing of Shell Magallanes, the dry-run for contactless payments along expressways will also start on September 1, so make sure you have your RFID tags by that time.

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