Good and better news – fuel prices of gas and diesel go down November 7, PHP 0.45 and 1.10, respectively

We can chalk up a win in our constant “battle” with fuel prices. Tomorrow, both users of gasoline and diesel can breathe a sigh of relief – more so for the latter – because prices are set to be rolled back. On November 7, 2023, albeit at different times, gas prices will go down by PHP 0.45 per liter, and diesel will have a more significant drop of PHP 1.10 per liter.

Fuel price rollback for both gas and diesel set for November 7

Fuel Price Update November 7 2023 Inline 01 Min

Photo: Seaoil

For the most part, fuel price adjustments in the past few weeks were split between one or the other fuel type being rolled back and the other being hiked. Tomorrow, gas and diesel users are in for good news because the prices of both per liter will go down by PHP 0.45 and PHP 1.10, respectively.

Fuel Price Update November 7 2023 Inline 02 Min

Photo: Petro Gazz

The earliest to update their pumps’ prices will be Cleanfuel and Caltex; they will do so at 12:01 AM. As for the other players like Seaoil, Petro Gazz, Petron, and Shell, they will adjust their gas and diesel prices come 6:00 AM tomorrow.

Everyone’s been feeling the pinch of the varying prices of fuel products in the past month and a half. Depending on what type you use, you can either be faced with lower prices or, sadly, higher costs as the next week rolls in, but tomorrow’s adjustments are good news for everyone.

Fuel Price Update November 7 2023 Inline 03 Min

Photo: Cleanfuel

While you’re at it, here are some tips that can help you save on fuel. Just because prices have (or will go) gone down doesn’t mean we can be as throttle-happy as we were back when a liter only cost PHP 35.00, so do click on that link; you may find something very helpful to make you get the most out of your tank’s top-up.

A whole lot of vehicle owners have just come back from a long vacation so the lower fuel prices this week is a much welcome reprieve. Let’s hope this sets a precedence and is the first day in consistent rollbacks.

It never hurts to hope, right?

Mikko Juangco
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