MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy: A list of important Questions and Answers

The MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy is finally open. As it begins accepting enrollees, there are still some questions that quickly need answering, and because you’re reading this, you’re in the right place to find said answers. If you are thinking about enrolling, if you’ve already successfully enrolled and have a confirmed schedule, or if you’re simply wondering what the Academy is and what it allows inside its compound, read on. We’ve made it as concise as possible for your convenience.

FAQ about the MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy

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For those interested in applying to the MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy

Is it free of charge?: YES

Age: 17 years old and above

Government Documents/IDs: Provide photocopies of Driver’s License or Student’s Permit if you have either. These are not required, though.

Is there a Waiver?: Yes, and it will be signed at the Academy by the student or BOTH student and the parent if student is 17 years old

Required Gear: Bring your own full-face helmet, full-finger motorcycle gloves, and rain gear. Reflective safety vest is optional.

Information that Academy and Instructors need to know: Disclose any medical conditions, use of drugs and/or medications that can affect the use or operation of the motorcycle

Health Status of Student/Applicant: must have NO medical conditions nor mental and/or physical limitations that may affect learning aptitude for one’s and others’ safety

For confirmed participants in the MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy

Training Duration: 2 days. Day 1 Theoretical lessons, Day 2 actual Motorcycle Skills Practice and Demonstration

Schedule adherence: Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled class/session. Being late by more than 30 minutes may result in rescheduling.

Attendance: Participants who miss any two (2) modules for any reason will not be permitted to continue the course.

Failure in Theoretical/Written and/or Skills Training Tests: Participants who fail either of these tests twice will be required to repeat the entire course.

Dress Code: Decent attire for Day 1 (No sando, no slippers, etc). Proper Motorcycle Dress Code including shirts (no sando, wear closed shoes), long pants, plus the aforementioned helmet, and gloves for Day 2.

Due Diligence: Do NOT attend if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Completion of Training Courses: Certificate of Completion to be awarded to those who complete and pass both days of the MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy

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Information and Rules of the MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy

  • The Academy will provide motorcycles for the participants for free
  • NO alcohol, drugs, or firearms within the vicinity of the Academy grounds
  • The MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy has the right to terminate participation for unsafe or inappropriate conduct at any time
  • The MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy does NOT provide insurance. All incidents on track are the participant’s own responsibility
  • The MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy does NOT facilitate the application of Student’s Permits or Driver’s Licenses with the LTO
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There you go, a list of frequently asked questions about the Academy. You can also find our guide for more specifics about enrolling in the MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy here.

Thanks again, MMDA! And for all of you who want to take advantage of the free lessons and do your part in not being a kamote, enrolling in the Motorcycle Riding Academy may very well work for you.

Mikko Juangco
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