LTO reinforces MMDA constables in all out assault against EDSA Bus Lane violators

There is strength in numbers, and to effectively apprehend traffic violators, the LTO will be deploying its own enforcers to help the MMDA constables on the ground. More specifically, the joint operations between the two agencies will be to address motorists who wrongfully – illegally – ply along the exclusive bus lane along EDSA. This has been a constant problem along Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare and the Land Transportation Office and the Metro Manila Development Authority want to finally put a stop to it.

Enforcers of the LTO to work alongside MMDA against EDSA Bus Lane violators

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

Motorists continue to blatantly ignore the exclusivity of the EDSA Bus Lane 48. Enforcers of the Metro Manila Development Authority have long since been in a constant battle with motorists of this sort 35, and seeing that they may need help, Land Transportation Office Chief Vigor Mendoza II has ordered the deployment of personnel from his agency to help in the efforts. Mendoza also vowed to place proper penalties on those who are apprehended.

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Photo: Department of Transportation

“Nagiging bisyo na ng ilang mga abusadong motorista ang paggamit ng [It’s become a vice of abusive motorists to use the] EDSA Bus Carousel. We recognize the limited manpower of the MMDA to strictly enforce and while the LTO has the same problem, we will tap some of our enforcers to reinforce our brothers in the MMDA in keeping an eye on the EDSA Bus Carousel,” said Mendoza.

“Tinitiyak din natin ang agarang aksyon ng inyong LTO upang maparusahan ang mga mahuhuling motorista na gagamit ng [We are assuring immediate action to punish motorists apprehended using the] EDSA Bus Carousel,” Mendoza added.

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Photo: DOTr

There has been no shortage on the part of the Metro Manila Development Authority 24 in continuously reminding motorists of the dangers and the simple illegality of using the Bus Lane if you are not a bus; this is already common sense. Its use is strictly for buses as its name obviously implies with the only exceptions being for marked vehicles responding to emergencies such as ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars. Having a red plate doesn’t mean you can ignore this fact.

With added on-the-ground enforcers, we hope that erring motorists violating the Bus Lane will finally see a downtrend. It’s a very big task to carry out, but we’re supporting this effort, no doubt.

Be worthy of that Driver’s License, ma’am and sir. Do the right thing. Not violating the exclusive EDSA Bus Lane is, after all, a law.

Mikko Juangco
  1. Mga tax payers nagtitiis sa traffic… yung mga pasweldo and nakikinabang sa tax ng taong bayan angsarap ng daan sa bus lane.. bwiset! 🤣

  2. During daytime lang naman mahigpit, after 5pm wala na nanghuhuli, dapat 5,000 or more ang violation fee sa bus lane violation para madala. Puso! 🇵🇭

  3. LTO should start right there in their headqurters in implementing parking rules, violators are their own employees parking habits

  4. Easy solution: have the buses go in the opposite direction — i.e., north-bound buses take the west lane. In effect, they counterflow, which is OK since they’re in their own lane anyway. They do have to give way to emergency vehicles

  5. With all this undisciplined drivers on the road no solution is effective to solve traffic problem in manila.if the traffic enforcers are not strict on this violators there will come a time we will see more undisciplined drivers on the road.

    • To solve TRAFFIC PROBLEM don’t need to be a rocket scientist

      Come to Thailand for traffic experience exposure

      You can see the disipline of Thai Royal Police and Public Drivers

      It begins from the leader of the Country
      In Thailand we never had rice hoarding and Smuggling

      In the Philippines our weak leader blinded to see the intervention of SMUGGSHABUYAS

  6. Violators constantly violating the bus lane policy dhud be given up to 3 strike then the fourth will be suspension for st least 3 months 4th violation 1 year then 5th revocation or give a higher penalty 5k every violation let’s see what happens next 😉

    • THREE STRIKES? The second strike should be suspension. How many times do you have to have these poor enforcers have to monitor and pull out these violators who play the game of hoping not to get caught?

  7. Isabay na din nila mga naka illegal blinkers. Dami dyan dumadaan naka blinkers pa. Hindi po ba bawal wang wang and blinkers. Just asking… #LTO

  8. Stiff penalties to the Violators!!!@!!

  9. Weak enforcement comes with heavy toll. Kamote drivers are everywhere. Ignorance of the law does not excuse anyone. Intentional violation is prevalent and disregards of common safety is neglected. When accidents happen nasaktan ako kasi 2 wheels lang ang kaya ko bilhin. Kaya malapit sa accidents. Despite on the wrong side, the Kamote drivers always get away with violation. Government response “KAWAWA naman”

  10. Reply Avatar of Augusto Jr. Tabudlong
    Augusto Jr. Tabudlong October 4, 2023 at 1:31 pm

    Pakisama nyo nadin yung nga bikers na hindi gumagamit ng bikelane.

    Ginastusan ng gobyerno ang bikelane para sa knila pero nakikipag patentero padin sa mga sasakyan. Especially sa marcos hiway going to antipolo, madaming pasaway jan. Dapat yan hinuhuli din kapag wala sa bikelane.

    • The only solution is to increase the penalty to P10,000 + 1 year license suspension.

      An example in Abu Dhabi U.A.E the penalty for traffic violators minmum P5K and on severe violations like bearing the red light around P750,000 and vehicle confiscation and 1 year license suspension.

  11. Reply Avatar of Augusto Jr. Tabudlong
    Augusto Jr. Tabudlong October 4, 2023 at 1:28 pm

    Tama yan! Madami matitigas ang ulo na driver. Dapat ikulong at hindi na issuehan ng license.

  12. Marami sa driver na nahuhuli sa edsa bus lane ay repeat offenders. Stiffer penalties should be imposed not just the fines n demerit points but suspension n finally revocation of license. Well to do drivers will just be content on paying the fines. My two cents worth

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