Do you see what’s wrong in this picture? MMDA and Bong Nebrija definitely did!

To say that the MMDA is relentless in upholding laws is very true. Even more so if the group involved is Col. Bong Nebrija and the rest of his team in Task Force Special Operations (TFSO). On the ground, they’ve had their fair share of “moments” from strange offenses, hilarious but no less deplorable bribery, and to the most ridiculous reasons and excuses. Let’s take the example below for, well, an example.

MMDA catches Pillion with “ingenious” way to look like he’s wearing shoes

Mmda Motorcycle Dress Code Bong Nebrija Inline 01 Min

Photo: Edison Bong Nebrija

As part of the motorcycle dress code in the Philippines, the wearing of shoes is a requirement for both the driver and pillion (naka-angkas). The gentleman back rider thought that a shoe cover might trick MMDA enforcers into thinking that he was wearing the proper attire, but not this time.

Mmda Motorcycle Dress Code Bong Nebrija Inline 02 Min

Photo: Edison Bong Nebrija

We have to give it to him, he really tried. From afar, it may look like he is wearing shoes, but see, if you’re doing something wrong, chances are you will get caught, and get caught he did. Funny enough, the driver should have known that he will have to pay the fine for his pillion’s actions, but obviously, still went on and took him as a passenger.

Even funnier is that according to MMDA’s Nebrija, they were asked “Bawal ba naka shorts [Is wearing shorts not allowed]?” in what seems to be either total cluelessness or a deflection from this shoe-involving offense. Nebirja even captioned his post saying “Our mindset really needs to shift towards safety and not on the apprehension.”

That is true.

Single Ticketing System Violations And Fines Bong Nebrija Inline 01 Min

Photo: Edison Bong Nebrija

Many are of the mindset that they can get away with doing wrong and that apprehensions are just “kotong” and unfair. But in this specific case, no amount or layers of shoe covers can protect a motorcyclist’s feet in the event of an accident if he or she is wearing slippers. It’s not about the apprehension and the fine, it’s about law enforcers of the MMDA looking out for your safety, that’s all.

In closing, let’s all just abide by the law, yes? It’ll save us from penalties, save our time and that of the enforcers’, and generally speaking, makes us better individuals on and off the road. Who doesn’t want to be in the right, right?


Mikko Juangco
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