Rumor mill: Are the new Ford Territory and Ranger Raptor coming in Q2 of 2023?

On a recent trip to a dealership, something’s come up from the grapevine. Hushed whispers speak of a possible release of the new Ford Territory and Ranger Raptor within the second quarter of the year. Now, before anything else, let’s take this with a grain of salt as a release of either model has yet to be confirmed by Ford Philippines, but it is a pretty exciting possibility nonetheless.

The Ranger Raptor is eagerly being awaited, and the Territory is ripe for an all-new model release

Ford Territory Ranger Raptor Rumor Mill Inline 02 Min

Photo: Ford

Let’s start with the Ranger Raptor. As it stands, a lot of other countries have gotten their hands on it already. Closer to the Philippines, our neighbors Thailand and Malaysia have been enjoying the V6-powered beast since last year. Alas, no word yet as to when it will reach our shores.

Just to whet your appetites, the Thai and Malaysian-spec Raptor have a much bigger and more powerful 3.0-liter, V6, twin-turbo gasoline engine that makes about 391 HP and 583 Nm of pull. The motor is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission and comes equipped with 4-wheel drive.

Ford Territory Ranger Raptor Rumor Mill Inline 01 Min

Photo: Ford

As for the Territory, it’s the same sad thing. The model that you see here has already been released in other countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, North America, and China. Most if not all of these countries have what’s actually the Equator Sport but after a rebadge, now sports the familiar Territory name that we know.

In the mentioned markets, their models get a 1.8-liter EcoBoost motor that is good for 190 HP and an impressive 320 Nm of torque. Here we have a 1.5-liter engine under the hood that’s mated to CVT.

All these being mentioned, we’ve already been missing out on a lot. Both the Territory and Ranger Raptor have enjoyed a very large following and even larger sales in the Philippines, and the “delay” in their local launch may just be Ford‘s tactic to build up (an already existing) hype for both models. To “strike while the iron is hot” might not really apply because let’s face it, the anticipation for these two models keeps the fires burning.

Nevertheless, we wonder if the rumors are true, though.

Mikko Juangco
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  1. If Ford is launching the 1.5liter territory. That will be enough as it is turbocharged and buyers of this category prefers the cheap fuel consumption but with all the gadgets like the china brand cars.

    For the ranger raptor, if Ford philippines will be launching the 2.0 biturbo diesel, forget it. It is underpowered and underspec if it will be the same model which was recently launch in 2023 BIMS. You will lose the B&O speakers, front lockers, live valve shocks, changing of exhaust sound and the powerful v6 twin turbo gas engine which is what is suited for this kind of lifestyle performance truck.

    If Ford Ph is going with this kind of strategy by not launching V6 diesel powered everest and rangers or other good models which the other countries also enjoy. They will slowly lose their followers.

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