How to check your LTO demerit points online


The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has already rolled out driver’s license cards with 10-year validity. However, there are requirements that you should meet, one of which is that you should have zero violations under its demerit system, so how do you find out online? Let us help you with that.

lto demerit points 4 • How to check your LTO demerit points online

Before we proceed, let’s do a quick recap on the demerit system. In this system, violations are classified depending on the gravity:

• Grave violations – 5 demerit points
• Less grave violations – 3 demerit points
• Light violations – 1 demerit point

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If you accumulate 10 points, your license will be suspended, and will be required to undergo a reorientation course. 40 points will have your license revoked and you cannot apply for a new license for another 2 years.

Not let’s check if you have accumulated any demerits. Just follow the steps:

1) Go to the LTO’s LTMS portal at

2) Click on register now, then on the pop-up screen, accept the Terms of Agreement and input the security code.

lto demerit points 2 • How to check your LTO demerit points online

3) Click the appropriate enrollment classification. If you’re a regular license holder, just click on ‘Enroll as an individual.’

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4) Choose ‘Yes’ if you have a Philippine Driver’s or Conductor’s License

5) If yes, input your driver’s license details.

lto demerit points 3 • How to check your LTO demerit points online

6) Input the rest of the requirements on the next pages, including nationality, personal, and contact information.

7) Once you have finished registering, an email will be sent to the email address you used upon registering. It will contain your LTO Client Number which you will use for logging in. Click the link to verify and create a password.

8) Go back to the website and click on Login. Input your LTO Client Number and password.

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9) From here you will see the options available to you including Licensing, Transactions, Violations, Documents, and Profile.

10) Click on Violations and see if you have demerit points. You can also see here any unsettled violations and history.

lto demerit points 1 • How to check your LTO demerit points online

If you don’t have any demerits, congratulations, you’ll be eligible to renew your driver’s license with 10-year validity.

Do note, though, that you will also need to obtain a certification from the Comprehensive Driver’s Education and LTO Periodic Medical Exam. Click on the links provided for more details.

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