A new V8 hybrid will replace iconic Bentley W12 powertrains

Bentley Motors has unveiled plans to replace its iconic W12 engine with a new V8 hybrid powertrain, marking a significant step forward in the company’s pursuit of innovation. Set to deliver the highest power output ever seen in a Bentley vehicle, the new powertrain promises to be the most dynamic, responsive, and efficient system in the company’s history, catering to a new era of high-performance automobiles.

Dubbed the Ultra Performance Hybrid, this new powertrain continues Bentley’s tradition of enhancing its class-leading combustion engines with advanced technology to boost performance. Departing from earlier advancements like supercharging in the 1920s and turbocharging from the 1980s onwards, Bentley is now embracing ‘electrocharging’, leveraging a potent hybrid system to create its most advanced and powerful powertrain to date. With over 739 hp and an electric-only range of up to 80 km, the Ultra Performance Hybrid outshines its predecessor, the W12 engine, by at least 90 hp, depending on the configuration, since cars such as the Bentley Batur also make similar power output with the outgoing W12.

As Bentley prepares to retire its iconic 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine, which has seen over 105,000 units produced over the last two decades, the Ultra Performance Hybrid is poised to take center stage as Bentley’s flagship powertrain. It will power a new generation of Bentleys, solidifying their position as the world’s premier electrified luxury performance vehicles. Despite its increased power and torque, the Ultra Performance Hybrid boasts a WLTP drive cycle CO2 emissions figure of under 50 g/km, demonstrating Bentley’s commitment to sustainability.

Further details on Bentley’s electrified powertrain, which will drive the next phase of the company’s Beyond 100 journey, will be revealed in the coming weeks. In the meantime, customers can still enjoy the remaining examples of Bentley’s W12 and non-hybrid V8 engines available through the company’s global retailer network.

Carlos Miguel Divino

Carlos Miguel Divino

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