DPWH quickly starts repairs on damaged Marikina Bridge, southbound partially closed

Mayor Marcy Teodoro’s demands that the DPWH conduct immediate repairs to the Marikina Bridge have been answered. In a post on its official Facebook page, the Department of Public Works and Highways announced that it has begun rehabilitation of the damaged portions of the said bridge. The repairs are slated to finish by January 15, 2023.

DPWH refutes allegations that damage was due to their ongoing roadworks

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Photo: DPWH

Yesterday, we posted the news on how the Marikina LGU has blamed the ongoing roadworks of the DPWH that led to the damage found on the bridge. The construction of the Sumulong Flood Interceptor project was alleged to have been using “inappropriate” engineering technology and procedures and the continuous piledriving activities have created cracks along the said bridge. The Mayor has since demanded a halt to construction and the immediate repair of the Marikina Bridge.

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Photo: Marikina PIO

The damage was found on the southbound lane of the bridge’s approach. This area has been partially closed off but the DPWH maintains that motorists can still use the remaining open portions of Marikina Bridge. The government agency has also refuted the claims that the damage was their doing.

According to their statement, based on a geotechnical investigation done on January 7, strong rains caused the softening of the soil that resulted in the 30-meter cracks found on the sidewalk starting from JP Laurel Street. Backfilling or sand filling has since been done to fix the damage and to ensure the safety of all those who will use the Marikina Bridge.

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Photo: Marikina PIO

The DPWH reiterates that the bridge is safe to use, but motorists are advised to approach slowly and to take caution getting on and off the bridge until such time that repairs have been completed. The estimated date of completion is this coming Sunday, January 15, 2023, but no specific time was mentioned as to when it will be fully opened to both foot- and vehicular traffic.

The interest of public safety comes first, and we’re pretty sure that the Mayor, the entire city, and motorists and pedestrians are quite thankful for the swift response of the DPWH. Hang in there, folks, this will all be finished soon.

Mikko Juangco
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