EasyTrip: We do not sell RFID tags via online shopping portals

We all remember how the shift to RFID tags for expressway travel started. The country was fresh from combating a pandemic. When EasyTrip and AutoSweep declared that they’d be fully automating payments and those without proper tags may be apprehended and fined, there were a lot of “entertaining” comments online.

Enter: the convenience of online shopping! Yes, there was a time when EasyTrip turned to online shopping portals to address the inconvenience of getting stickers stuck on vehicle headlights or windshields. Fast forward to 2022 and they have once and for all declared that whatever you get online is bogus.

EasyTrip RFID is not for sale and is not being sold online

Easytrip Rfid Installation Inline 01

Photo: EasyTrip Services Corporation Facebook page

About a week ago, EasyTrip Services Corporation reminded the motoring public that there is only one way to get their tags, and that’s only through official installation sites and satellites. They do not authorize online resellers to sell and distribute their RFIDs on any platform.

Easytrip Rfid Installation Inline 02

Photo: EasyTrip Services Corporation Facebook page

This is a bit to remind everyone that getting it straight from the source is the only way for it to be legal and (actually) working. Before, those who bought theirs online will place the stickers themselves, and if you’re not so sure about where and how they’re supposed to be stuck, they could end up being unreadable by sensors at the toll gates.

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Photo: EasyTrip Services Corporation Facebook page

We do understand their previous efforts to make it easier and more convenient for everyone. Now that restrictions across the country have eased, they’re of the impression that everyone now has about 5 minutes to spare to get their RFIDs installed the proper way, by the proper people.

There were some unscrupulous sellers before who did charge their buyers for “kami na din po ang magkakabit”, but it is supposed to be free. Right now, saving every centavo for gassing up is better than having to spend for something absolutely free of charge.

Easytrip Rfid Installation Inline 04

Photo: EasyTrip Services Corporation Facebook page

The company now encourages everyone to report such unscrupulous individuals or entities taking advantage of online platforms. They even posted the image we see above with a hotline and email address through which they can be given information on (possibly) fake or illegally purchased EasyTrip tags.

As of this writing, searching for sellers on online platforms is very easy, with a good number of search results popping up. No, we didn’t try to buy any of them, though.

Easytrip Rfid Installation Inline 05

Photo: EasyTrip Services Corporation Facebook page

Speaking of official installation, EasyTrip also published an advisory regarding the new operating hours of some of their stations in the south. You can refer to the infographic seen above for information on when and where you can get your tags installed along CAVITEX, C5, CALAX, and even along SLEX.

It can be said that the easing and lifting of travel restrictions can be a good thing. Everyone’s had their dose of cabin fever, and a little bit of travel time and the open road are not bad at all. That’s of course provided that you already have your EasyTrip and AutoSweep and all other relevant RFID tags installed on your vehicle.

There’s only one way to make sure that they work as they should, and that’s by getting them straight from the source. It’s quick, and it’s free, people. Don’t risk “fake parts that break hearts”. Yes, if your RFID tag is unreadable because it’s “fake, paps”, that’s your lookout. We’re pretty sure that EasyTrip will find ways to crack down on those, but that will probably be news for a later time, if and when they do put up such a system.

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