Fuel prices continue to surge upwards, PHP 1.90 increase for gas, PHP 1.50 for diesel tomorrow

The forecasts were right, and sadly, we are all in store for yet another fuel price hike tomorrow. The tail end of July and August so far have seen a consistent increase in the prices of both gasoline and diesel products and this week will be no different. As the clock strikes 12:00 AM, some players will update their pumps to go up by PHP 1.90 for gas and PHP 1.50 for diesel.

No stopping fuel price hikes, it seems, as gas and diesel again go up

Fuel Price Hike August 8 2023 Main 00 Min

Before the end of last week, speculations and estimates were already coming in. Gasoline may increase up to PHP 2.00 and diesel by PHP 1.60. But with confirmations starting to trickle in, the fuel prices have been pegged at PHP 1.90 and PHP 1.50 for gas and diesel, respectively. This is the highest that gas has gone up so far. Diesel, though, has been on a warpath and this adds to yet another significant blow to those who use it for their vehicles.

Fuel Price Hike August 15 2023 Inline 01 Min

Photo: Seaoil

Fuel Price Hike August 15 2023 Inline 02 Min

Photo: Cleanfuel

As always, different players will update their prices at different times. Always the earliest, Caltex will reflect the new prices at 12:01 AM on August 15, 2023. The majority of the other brands such as Shell, Petro Gazz, Seaoil, and Unioil will update at 6:00 AM.

Cleanfuel will, as is their common practice, be the last to update their pumps’ prices. The brand sees fit to give its customers a bit of a reprieve before more expensive prices are implemented, and they will do so at 4:01 PM.

Clean Fuel La Union Gasoline Station Min

Sadly, all of us will have no other choice but to welcome the week with yet another fuel price hike. We can always hold hope that the continuous hikes we’ve seen will finally come to a stop, but until then, we’ll just have to brace ourselves and, more importantly, plan our travels better because topping up will significantly be more expensive. Here are a few ways we think you can conserve your fuel for the time being.

Fuel prices next week are still a mystery, but given the trend, we won’t be so surprised if they go up again. Not surprised, but definitely sad if they do.

Mikko Juangco
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