Toyota PH releases statement: Local units not affected by latest diesel engine issue

Toyota’s bulletproof standards and reputation have been put to the test recently, with multiple recalls and issues plaguing some of the Daihatsu-derived vehicles.

There is another issue that has come to light just a few days ago, regarding irregularities in engine output readings from diesel engines. What makes this worrisome is the fact that the diesel engines in question can be found in almost all diesel-powered cars sold by the brand locally.

Toyota diesel engine issues

Toyota PH though is keen to reassure local customers that our models aren’t affected by this latest issue, they released the following statement:

Toyota Industries Corporation, a company affiliated with Toyota Motor Corporation, announced on January 29th, 2024, that irregularities in horsepower output certification tests applicable to certain countries were found on three Toyota engine models. However, this issue does not affect any vehicle in the Philippines.

As a reference, this matter relates to irregularities in the certification process based on national requirements in certain countries, but do not have any impact on horsepower, torque, or other powertrain-related values. Additionally, these irregularities do not compromise the emissions or safety of their vehicles.

We would like to reassure our customers by stating that we believe their vehicles are unaffected by these irregularities. We apologize for any confusion or concern this issue may have caused.


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