Every single LTO Driver’s License-related fee in 2023: A quick and easy guide

A good number of the LTO’s campaigns involve the driver’s license (DL). From making it easier to apply for, to standardizing and lowering costs related to it, the Land Transportation Office has thought of ways that will be helpful to the public. In keeping up with being helpful, we give you this list of all fees related to the PH DL so you’ll know how much to bring with you, and for what.

Please take note that these fees only deal with the information found on, or the DL (card) itself. It does not cover medical exam fees, Theoretical Driving Course fees, and others.

Applications for a new Driver’s License

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For first-timers applying for a DL, make sure you have PHP 685 in hand.

If you’re about to apply for a Non-Professional DL 301, here’s our quick guide 290 for you. And if you’re starting out and looking at applying for a Student’s Permit 193, you’ll find our guide for that here 80.

Additional Restriction Codes or DL Codes

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Previously known as “Restriction Codes”, certain DL Codes are what allow you to drive specific types of vehicles 74, whether motorcycles, 4-wheelers, trucks, etc.

The Addition of Codes and their application onto your license total PHP 200. If you’re simply getting a replacement license card with the new Codes indicated, that will cost a total of PHP 425. If your license is due for renewal, though, then a new card that reflects the added Codes will cost you PHP 785 (covering the renewal fee plus the additional Codes).

Change of DL Classification (Non-Pro to Pro, Pro to Non-Pro)

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An “NPDL” or Non-Professional DL Classification is what a normal citizen would use, and a “PDL” or a Professional DL Classification is what, well, professional drivers like PUV drivers, TNVS drivers, truck drivers, tricycle drivers, etc. use. If for one reason or another, you would like to change from an NPDL to a PDL or from a PDL to an NPDL 26, you’ll find the costs above.

The changing of Classification itself is only PHP 100, and the jump from NPDL to PDL totals PHP 425. Please take note that you have other fees to prepare for such as exams required for moving up to a Professional DL. Moving down from a PDL to an NPDL is only PHP 325.

It all changes if, again, your License is set to expire, or is already expired at the time of the changing of Classification, and if you should wish to apply additional DL Codes. The renewal and additional fees are also listed in the infographic above.

Conversion of Foreign Driver’s License

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Foreigners who wish to legally drive a motor vehicle in the Philippines can “convert” their foreign license to an LTO-licensed DL. First-time applicants will have to treat this the same as a PH citizen would, plus an additional PHP 100 Conversion fee. That pegs the cost at PHP 785.

For those who already have converted foreign licenses, the renewal will cost PHP 685. Additional costs upon renewal will depend on whether or not there has to be a revision applied to the records or if additional DL codes wish to be applied as well.

Driver’s License Renewal

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PH citizens will have to pay PHP 585 for the renewal of their expired DL. For those who are renewing after the expiry date, additional charges will be applied as a penalty, ranging from PHP 75 to as high as an additional PHP 225; these will depend on how far from the expiry date the renewal is being processed.

Duplicate (for lost) Valid Driver’s License

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Duplicate licenses can be secured from the LTO in case of loss or theft or any other untoward reason 13. A simple request for a duplicate will cost PHP 355, and should there be a revision to the records and information to be indicated on the DL, that will cost PHP 455.

Duplicate Student Permits can also be requested, and that costs PHP 280.

Driver’s License Renewal for Filipinos living/working abroad

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For PH citizens working abroad and holding a PH driver’s license, the renewal will cost PHP 585. Again, if the renewal is processed after the expiration date, that fee goes up to PHP 660 and up to PHP 735, depending on how far from the expiry you’re processing the renewal.

Revision of Records

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Change of name, and change of address, among others, would constitute a revision of records. Such revisions require a PHP 100 fee, and the replacement card will cost PHP 225, which brings your total to PHP 325.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Compared to the LTO Fee Matrix that we posted last year 13, there are some changes to this year’s DL fees, and we’re glad to say that they come in the form of lower costs.

You can bookmark this post to serve as your quick reference for any and all fees related to the PH DL from the LTO. We’re all about convenience at YugaAuto.

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