Finally some good news! Fuel price rollback tomorrow, February 13, gas down PHP 0.60, diesel PHP 0.10

The 5-week streak of fuel price hikes will finally be broken. January and the first week of February were not so kind when it came to the prices of gasoline and diesel; they just kept going up. Tomorrow, February 13 brings a different tune, though, as both will be priced lower per liter. Gas is set to go down by PHP 0.60 and diesel by PHP 0.10. Not enough to erase the consecutive increases, but we’ll take it.

Fuel prices will finally get a rollback after 5 straight weeks of hikes

Fuel Price Update February 13 2024 Inline 01 Min

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Given the consecutive fuel price increases since the start of the new year, it didn’t seem as if it would stop any time soon. Alas, we all get some very welcome news tomorrow. Gasoline will go down by PHP 0.60 per liter and diesel by PHP .10. Yes, these are not enough to recoup whatever the total price of increases have been, but a rollback is better than a hike.


As expected, and as its common practice, Cleanfuel will be updating its pumps’ prices at the stroke of midnight, 12:01 AM. Other players will be updating theirs later – but still in the early hours of the morning – at 6:00 AM. This update will include the likes of Petron, Cleanfuel, Unioil, and Shell, among others.

Fuel Price Update February 13 2024 Inline 03 Min

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Whether it’s a fuel price hike or rollback, we just have to keep our travels in check so as not to use more fuel than we should. That said, we’ve come up with some “practices” that might have looked like they would help conserve fuel, but actually do nothing of that sort, and you can find that here. We might as well find something we can chuckle at and about, right?

Here’s to hoping for the same favorable news next week. And we hope it comes with a bigger reduction in prices. Now that would be great news.

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