PNP warns misbehaving cops caught on social media


The Philippine National Police (PNP) have recently issued a memo regarding its officers who are captured in social media violating PNP rules and regulations and traffic laws.

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The PNP issued a memorandum titled “PNP Personnel Violations Reported and Captured in the Social Media” which calls to attention police officers who “do not set the best examples when in public view and while performing their duties.” Some police officers have been exposed on social media with the following alleged violations:

  • Improper use of vehicle plates;
  • Non-compliance to Tamang Bihis policy;
  • Non-wearing of helmets while riding motorcycle;
  • Improver use of government vehicle;
  • Violation of Traffic Rules; and
  • Non-observance of discipline while on duty
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According to the memo, the PNP should be the first to uphold the law and promote the culture of professionalism as stated in CODE-P. It also stressed that if the concerns are not properly addressed the PNP “will be mocked in the public and in the media due to the irresponsibility of the very few PNP personnel.”

Police Chief Superintendent, Danilo Santos Constantino, warned that “immediate heads of offices will be held liable for the violation of their personnel on the above-stated polices if no action is taken to the misdemeanors of their personnel.”

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