Confirmed: all-new Toyota Innova Zenix launching on June 22

The much-anticipated Toyota HEV will be officially launched in the country with retail sales starting on June 22, in all the automaker’s dealerships nationwide. 

Toyota Zenix Launch date

As the pioneer in electrified mobility, TMP advocates for a multiple-pathway approach to carbon neutrality. Part of this strategy is continuously expanding its range of electrified vehicles that are appropriate for current market and infrastructure conditions and are suitable for the customers’ needs.

“We are very excited to finally bring in the All-New Zenix, further boosting the brand’s wide range of electrified vehicle choices for Filipino families,” said Danny Cruz, Toyota Motor Philippines’ First Vice President for Vehicle Sales Operations. “We acknowledge the growing demand for electrified vehicles in the country and we appreciate our customers’ conscious efforts to opt for sustainable mobility. Widespread adoption of electrified vehicles is one of our goals and we would like to support this by providing practical and suitable choices.”

Full features and specifications of the All-New Zenix will be released soon via TMP’s official website, Interested customers can also follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, or join the Viber community, for updates on the start of the reservation period.

As mentioned in the previous article, here are the prices of the all-new 2023 Zenix: PHP 1,670,000.00 for its gas variant and PHP 1,953,000 for HEV. The All-New Toyota Zenix will soon be featured in Toyota’s HEV activities and both its HEV and gas variants will be on display in select dealerships nationwide.

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