Modest fuel price increase tomorrow, Jan. 9, both gas and diesel up PHP 0.10

As we start the second full week of 2024, fuel prices are also at it with adjustments. Tomorrow, January 9, will see gasoline and diesel costs go higher; prices per liter go up by PHP 0.10. Since most of us are still on a holiday high, perhaps we can still take this as a pretty nice gift. While it could’ve been better, it also could’ve been worse, so we’ll take it!

Fuel prices get a small hike on January 9

Fuel Price Update January 9 2024 Inline 01

Photo: Seaoil

Many motorists may still be reeling from using up a good amount of fuel over the holidays, and well into the first 2 weeks of the new year. Fuel prices are slated to go up tomorrow, January 9, 2024, but at least it’s a very minimal amount; PHP 0.10, to be exact, will be added to both diesel and gasoline. Times will vary depending on the fuel player’s brand, but we can expect this adjustment to be applied nonetheless.

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Photo: Petro Gazz

Midnight will see Caltex as the first to update, which is its normal practice. Players such as Petron, Shell, Unioil, Petro Gazz, and Seaoil will be updating later on at 6:00 AM. For the loyal and faithful to Cleanfuel, they have a little more than half a day to enjoy last week’s prices. Cleanfuel will apply the adjustment at 4:01 PM.

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Photo: Cleanfuel

As we’ve said earlier, yes, this week’s round of fuel price adjustment(s) could’ve been better, but it could’ve been a lot worse, too. It’s still a price increase, but at least it’s not anywhere near the nightmarish above-PHP-3.50-per-liter increase, right? We’ll take this hike anytime, any day, for sure!

And while we’re at it, have you taken to fuel-saving practices to make every one of your top-ups last as long as they can? If not, perhaps our guide can help you, and you can find it right here. There’s no way to tell what fuel prices are waiting for us next week, or the weeks that follow so the more we save, the better, yes?

Happy new year, indeed! We just wish it was “happier”.

Mikko Juangco
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