Some 2023 Nissan Kicks units have aircon issues, Nissan PH is aware and responding

The Nissan Kicks e-power was launched last year to critical acclaim and sales success. We’ve written extensively and even did a massive road trip test just to test out its true capabilities. Droves of people lined up and bought the Kicks with wait lists reaching months just to get your hands on one.

2023 Nissan Kicks e-power Air Conditioner

Nissan Kicks Aircon Issue

It has come to light though that some of the new owners of the Nissan Kicks e-power are experiencing some issues, specifically something to do with the air conditioning unit. Upon reading some posts on the official Nissan Kicks e-power club of the Philippines, the problem seems to be isolated to the compressor unit.

Nissan Kicks Club Ph Letter To Npi

Some owners have stated that the aircon suddenly losses its “cool” so to speak and just blows out normal air as opposed to cold air. At first, it was just a few units that were affected, but the number seemed to increase enough for the Kicks club to send a letter to Nissan Philippines last January 5, 2023.

According to the letter, at the time it was written and sent 14 units/owners had been affected by the issue. The club merely wanted to know what the brand was going to do about the said issue.

Nissan Ph Response Kicks Aircon Issue

Thankfully Nissan has responded, specifically the NPI President himself Juan Manuel Hoyos. In a response letter sent back to the group last January 11, 2023, NPI President Hoyos thanked the club for letting the brand know of the issue and assured them that they would be looking into it and helping those affected as soon as possible.

Furthermore, a team from the brand has already reached out to the affected owners to assist them in getting their units fixed. At the moment this is still a developing story, but it’s nice to know that the manufacturer is responding quickly and trying to get to the bottom of the issue at hand.

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