Futuristic Peugeot Inception Concept has its grand reveal at CES 2023

The future of the automobile is, as it seems, electric. Peugeot is quick to recognize this and has taken the covers off of the Inception Concept, the brand’s idea of what the new era of electric vehicles should and can be. Packed with a unique design and full to the brim with cutting-edge technology, the Inception is set to make waves in the entire industry.

The Inception Concept is Peugeot’s vision of the future of the automobile

Peugeot Inception Concept Inline 01 Min

Photo: Peugeot

The reveal of the Inception Concept heralds a new direction for Peugeot. Albeit a concept, this model is seen to spearhead an entire line of electric vehicles and is slated to be available in 2025. It doesn’t take a lot to see that the sharp and angular design makes the Inception a pretty special vehicle and yes, it runs on electric power, 100%. The icing? All the glass you see makes use of the same glaze that NASA uses on astronauts’ visors. Impressive!

Peugeot Inception Concept Inline 02 Min

Photo: Peugeot

Inside, you’ll find more that makes this pretty much the first of its kind. A rectangular steering wheel plus a very long screen that spans across what’s normally segmented as the center stack to the corner of the passenger side’s “dash” make their way into the Concept. The absence of a full, “traditional” dashboard is undeniable, and that’s because it has been replaced by a screen that looks straight out of Star Wars, and Peugeot calls it the Halo Cluster.

Peugeot Inception Concept Inline 03 Min

Photo: Peugeot

The Inception still has Peugeot’s familiar i-Cockpit, but it’s a whole lot more futuristic now. It features what the brand calls a new “Hyperspace control system” (we did say Star Wars, right?) which is, actually, the steering wheel (err, steering rectangle?”. It serves as an infotainment display, and since it’s in the driver’s hand, it can also control a plethora of all the other features of the Inception Concept.

Peugeot Inception Concept Inline 04 Min

Photo: Peugeot

The Peugeot Inception Concept runs on power from a 100kWh battery. The cells run on an 800-volt architecture and can get you up to 150 km of range in just minutes worth of charge. On a single full charge, Peugeot claims that it is capable of covering 800 km. What is range anxiety? Nothing if you ask the Inception Concept.

As a whole, the direction of Peugeot is to reduce its carbon footprint by more than 50% by 2030 and become fully Carbon net zero by 2038. Battery electric vehicles or BEVs such as the Inception Concept are a pretty clear and feasible way to do that. Over the next two years, Peugeot will launch five new 100% electric models and by 2030, all Peugeot cars sold in Europe will be electric. We can most likely expect all the countries that carry the lion brand to follow suit soon.

So what do you think about the Inception Concept? Peugeot has been making strides and has been putting forward a lot of plans and products in recent years, but do you believe that this Concept can usher in a whole new electric revolution? Let us know what you think in the comments below. We’re pretty sure that this has what it takes to be the future of electric mobility.

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