The all-new Toyota Vios (Yaris Ativ) is set to launch in Thailand on August 9; Will PH be next?

YugaAuto UPDATE, 9 August: 2023 Toyota Vios launched in Thailand

In the past few months, we’ve reported how the all-new Toyota Vios, (or Yaris Ativ as it’s known in Thailand) was being tested on local Thai roads. After much speculation, we can finally confirm when exactly the launch will be.

Toyota Vios Main

Toyota Vios (Yaris Ativ) launch details

Toyota Motor Thailand earlier this evening posted a short teaser video showing certain parts of the car without revealing them in their entirety. The video itself is only 15 seconds long and shows fast cuts of the different angles of the Toyota Vios (Yaris Ativ).

Looking at the video frame per frame, it’s easy to see that the spy shots we reported recently were not wrong. It carries over the seemingly large slated grille and headlights that look very similar to the Corolla Altis. The side profile also by the looks of it has a more swooping design.

Toyota Vios 1

Toyota Vios 1

The interior was also teased in the video, the dashboard, steering wheel, and infotainment system were on full display. The interior panels were actually lined in a red fabric that looked quite plush.

Based on the end of the teaser video, it clearly shows that the grand launch/reveal date is set for August 9, 2022.

Toyota Vios 3

Possible Specs

We were also able to chance upon a report by, which provided more details about the all-new Toyota Vios (Yaris Ativ) at least for the Thailand market.

According to their report, it might come with two engine options. Namely, a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, and interestingly a 1.2-liter engine. What makes the 1.2-liter engine very interesting is that the report states it’s a “VVT-iE”, normal Toyota engines are just labeled as VVT-i, so does adding the “E” mean it’s electrified? or is it a hybrid?

The report went on further to say that the all-new Vios (Yaris Ativ) might finally be equipped with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). Such features include blind spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert, but most intriguing is the inclusion of the adaptive cruise.

So you’re probably wondering what the significance of this is? well, it is highly likely that Toyota Motor Thailand’s version of the all-new Vios will be almost the same as what we will eventually get.

Of course, major components and features may change depending on the final packaging, but the looks will probably be identical for the Philippine market.

Also, take note that none of the specs mentioned above are certain, until the launch on August 9 everything is still up in the air. Knowing how important the Toyota Vios is overall, Toyota’s not going to want to disappoint anyone.

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