Fuel Price increase, July 9, 2024 – Gas and diesel go up, PHP 1.60 and PHP 0.65, respectively

It’s official! Tomorrow marks a month of consecutive fuel price increases! In the past three weeks, both gasoline and diesel have seen an uptrend in prices and tomorrow will be no different. In contrast, though, the hike in gasoline prices will be higher than that of diesel; we will see an increase of PHP 1.60 per liter, whereas diesel goes up by PHP 0.65.

That’s 1 month of fuel price hikes


No respite in sight, everyone. The motoring public has had to deal with the past 3 weeks’ consecutive fuel price hikes, and tomorrow will mark a straight month of nothing but more expensive gas and diesel prices. Diesel would normally get a bigger hike, but tomorrow, gasoline will take the worse hit going up by PHP 1.60 per liter, and diesel by a smaller PHP 0.65.


6:00 AM will see the update of prices at the pumps of Petron, Shell, Caltex, Unioil, and Seaoil, as is their normal practice. Cleanfuel, on the other hand, always adjusts later in the day. Its stations will apply the new and heftier prices per liter at 4:01 in the afternoon.

Cleanfuel fuel price update july 9 2024 inline 03

Photo: Cleanfuel

In the interest of finding something to smile about – and learn while we’re at it – here are some fuel-saving myths that we’ve debunked for you; they just don’t do anything to help your fuel consumption. That said, let’s all just be sensible in our use of vehicles if we can help it. Trends continue to point towards continued fuel price increases so if the past month has been bad, it might get worse before it gets any better.

Mikko Juangco
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