Bad news as fuel prices go up big time tomorrow, March 27, gas PHP 2.20, diesel PHP 1.40

The motoring public is in for some bad news this week. Fuel prices are set to get a major hike tomorrow, March 27. Gasoline will be more expensive by PHP 2.20 per liter and diesel by PHP 1.40. With many planning to hit the road for the upcoming holidays, this increase couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Fuel price hike for gas and diesel, and it’s pretty big for both

Fuel Price Update March 27 2024 Inline 01 Min

Photo: Seaoil

Rollbacks were pretty constant in the past 3 weeks, but tomorrow will be different for everyone who uses gas and diesel. The sadder news is that tomorrow’s fuel price increase will all but nullify the previous price reductions; gas goes up by PHP 2.20 and diesel by PHP 1.40 per liter, and it may be a good idea to fill those tanks up before the holiday kicks off.


Most brands will implement the price adjustment by 6:00 AM, including Caltex, Petron, Shell, Unioil, Petro Gazz, and Seaoil. As always, Cleanfuel users will have more time to top-up with last week’s lower prices; it will adjust pump prices later in the day at 4:01 PM.

Fuel Price Update March 27 2024 Inline 03 Min

Photo: Cleanfuel

The prices of petroleum products in the world market continue to be very volatile, and tomorrow’s fuel price increase proves there’s no way we can tell what adjustments will be implemented in the following weeks. That said, it’s best that we try to conserve as much fuel as we can, but as we’ve been saying earlier, a holiday is coming up, and with holidays, people drive out to provinces and around the Metro using more gas and diesel as they do so.

Plan your travels accordingly, everyone. And price hike aside, we hope you have a restful and meaningful holiday ahead.

Mikko Juangco
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