Sad but true! Fuel price of gas up by PHP 0.20, diesel by PHP 0.40 tomorrow, September 12, 2023

The headline says it all. Fuel prices will again go up tomorrow, and this news, while sad, is also confirmed and true. Gasoline products are on their 9th straight week of hikes, and diesel is on its 10th. Starting at 12:00 AM tomorrow, different brands will be updating their pumps with new and higher prices per liter, so it may be best to top up before that happens.

Tomorrow marks two and half months of fuel price increases for both gas and diesel

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As much as we would love to be wrong with our forecast last week, we are, sadly, not. The continuous fuel price increases have gone on for about two and a half months now and the possibility of a rollback looks pretty bleak at this time.

Depending on your fuel brand of choice, prices will go up at the stroke of midnight, and tomorrow, you can expect gasoline products to be more expensive by PHP 0.20 per liter, and diesel higher by PHP 0.40 per liter. The past few hikes have been small on paper, but the collective increases are already very significant.

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Caltex will be the first to increase its prices, and they will do so at 12:01 AM. Major players like Petron and Shell, as well as Seaoil, Unioil, and Petro Gazz, will follow at 6:00 AM.

Cleanfuel, though, per its usual practice, will apply the fuel price increase later tomorrow at 4:01 PM. We’re pretty sure this is the sort of good news that the brand’s patrons look forward to, especially with impending weekly price hikes.

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Photo: Cleanfuel

With another fuel price increase on the way, here is a guide that could help you make the best out of every drop when you top up. Fuel prices don’t seem to catch a downtrend as it stands, so being more careful with travel plans and trying to lessen them may be the best way to avoid using up so much gas or diesel. Of course, this isn’t an option for a lot of people, and trust us when we say that we empathize with all of you.

“Manifest”? Okay, fuel prices will go down next week! Yes!

Hey, we can all wish, can’t we?

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