Automated Vehicles to debut in Singapore by end of 2016


SMRT Services Pte. Ltd. (SMRT Services) and 2 Getthere Holding B.V. (2getthere) has announced a Joint Venture that will bring Automated Vehicles systems to Singapore and the Asia-Pacific.

The Singapore-based Joint Venture, 2getthere Asia Pte Ltd, will market, install, operate and maintain the Automated Vehicle systems and is expected to be showcased in Singapore by the end of the year.

smrt automated vehicle 1 • Automated Vehicles to debut in Singapore by end of 2016

The Automated Vehicle, also called the 3rd Generation Group Rapid Transit (GRT) vehicle, can operate autonomously in demanding weather conditions, using artificial landmarks for navigation. It can also carry up to 24 passengers each, and can operate as a low-cost automated transit system that can cater for up to 8,000 passengers per hour in any single direction.

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source: SMRT

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