Fuel price increase tomorrow June 28, PHP 0.50 gas, PHP 1.65 diesel


We wish we could make you brace yourselves by saying “brace yourselves”, but at this point, we think this bit of news is already expected. For what has been (technically) a month now, fuel prices in the Philippines will increase again. Starting tomorrow, gas, diesel, and even kerosene will get a price hike of PHP 0.50, PHP 1.65, and PHP 0.10, respectively.

Fuel price hike tomorrow marks 4th consecutive weekly increase

It can safely be said that all fuel players in the country will be hiking prices at the pumps again. There might be some differences across final prices per liter, depending on the area you’re gassing up, but the addition or reduction in prices are more or less the same across all stations and brands.

Fuel Price Increase June 28 Caltex Inline 03

Photo: Caltex

Caltex has put out information and it’s consistent with the forecasts. Their Silver gasoline will, indeed, go up by half a Peso per liter and their diesel product will take a bigger hit with an added PHP 1.65 per liter. Pump prices at Caltex stations will be updated at midnight.

Fuel Price Increase June 28 Seaoil Inline 01

Photo: Seaoil

As is its standard practice, Seaoil has already posted an update on its Facebook page to make it known to its customers. The fuel price increases have all but been confirmed in the infographic above.

Fuel Price Increase June 28 Cleanfuel Inline 02

Photo: Cleanfuel

Cleanfuel has likewise posted its fuel price update on social media. The same price adjustments will be implemented at their pumps at 8:30 AM tomorrow, compared to Seaoil’s earlier adjustment at 6:00 AM

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Other petroleum product providers also use their social media platforms to announce their price adjustments but compared to the two we have posted above, they do so at a later time on Mondays; hikes or rollbacks happen on Tuesdays.

Quite recently, the MMDA said that the continuing rise in petroleum product prices has contributed to a reduction of vehicles along EDSA. Whether this can be felt or not, we’ll leave that for another discussion. What we would like to give you, our dear readers is a quick guide on how you can save fuel, and debunk some practices that you might be doing that you think to save fuel but actually don’t at all.

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Every drop of fuel counts, and every Peso even more so. Travel wisely, everyone!



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