Fuel price rollback on July 19, PHP 5.00 for gas, PHP 2.00 for diesel

Things are looking up, or should we say down, for fuel prices for the second week in a row. After the past weeks’ rollback, prices of petroleum products are again getting slashed tomorrow, July 19, 2022. Times will differ across all brands but prices for gas will be slashed by PHP 5.00 per liter, and diesel at PHP 2.00 per liter.

Fuel price rollbacks on its 3rd consecutive week

Fuel Price Rollback July 19 Inline 01

Photo: UniOil

Filipinos have gotten a very welcome reprieve in the past 3 weeks. Including this one, everyone’s again going to enjoy another rollback in the prices of both gasoline and diesel pump prices. The earliest to confirm the price cuts this week was UniOil, but at the time of their posting, no time nor exact figures were given out.

As of this posting, however, the PHP 5.00 and PHP 2.00 fuel price rollbacks for gas and diesel, respectively, have been confirmed by Seaoil and Petro Gazz.

Fuel Price Rollback July 19 Inline 02

Photo: Seaoil

Seaoil will update their pump prices tomorrow at 6:00 AM. Petro Gazz will adjust their pricing at the same time as well. Depending on the brand and station, exact prices per liter may vary but the rollback amount remains the same countrywide. We are waiting for official announcements from all the other petroleum players, but we’re confident that they will be rolling back tomorrow, but possibly at different times.

Fuel Price Rollback July 19 Inline 03

Photo: Gazz

In the past 3 weeks, gasoline prices have already gone down by a total of about PHP 10.70 and diesel by PHP 8.10 per liter. All these fuel price rollbacks are very welcome, especially after the Philippines saw prices soar very close to PHP 100 per liter in some areas of the country. If the trend continues, we hope we can recoup and return to more affordable prices. Until such time, perhaps we can help you save gas with these easy-to-remember tips, and by debunking some of the most common myths about fuel-saving.

Let’s all enjoy what we can, and travel wisely still. Stay safe on the roads, our dear readers!

Mikko Juangco
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