Fuel price rollback on July 26, PHP 0.40 for gas, PHP 1.85 for diesel

In better news this week, fuel prices continue their downtrend. The past 3 weeks have seen rollbacks in petroleum product prices and this week brings welcome news again. Tomorrow, July 26, 2022, prices of gas and diesel at the pumps are set to go down by PHP 0.40 and PHP 1.85 per liter, respectively.

That makes 4 consecutive weeks of fuel price rollbacks

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Photo: SeaOil

Fuel prices have consistently gone down in the past 3 weeks. Tomorrow’s scheduled fuel price rollback is something motorists can enjoy yet again, for four weeks in a row. As always, both gasoline and diesel prices will be lowered, and after months of steady hikes, any reprieve is good. As of posting SeaOil, Petro Gazz, and Cleanfuel have confirmed the amounts of their rollbacks tomorrow.

As of this posting the PHP 0.40 and PHP 1.85 fuel price rollbacks for gas and diesel, respectively, have been confirmed by SeaOil, Petro Gazz, and Cleanfuel.

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Photo: Petro Gazz

Seaoil will be updating their pump prices at 6:00 AM tomorrow. Adjustments in prices at Petro Gazz stations will be implemented at the same time as well. As for Cleanfuel, their pump prices will rollback at 8:01 AM. Exact prices per liter may vary between areas and stations, but the same rollback will be the same countrywide. We are waiting for official announcements from the other petroleum companies, but it’s definite that they will be rolling back tomorrow, albeit at different times.

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Photo: Cleanfuel

Tomorrow’s rollback will have brought gasoline prices down by a total of about PHP 11.00 and diesel by PHP 11.00 per liter as well. After some areas in the country saw prices of about PHP 100 per liter, this steady decline can help not only private vehicle owners, but those who own and operate PUVs and TNVS units as well. We can only hope that this trend keeps going for many more weeks – months, ideally – to come. For now, do allow us to help you save gas with these easy-to-remember tips. We have also debunked some of the most common myths about fuel-saving that you might find yourself practicing but to no avail. We’re all about helping here in YugaAuto.

Stay safe on the roads, and enjoy the lower fuel prices this week, our dear readers!

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