Possible PHP 2.10 gas price rollback, diesel may increase PHP 0.45

After last week’s horrendous hike, this week’s adjustments are looking better. This time we’re looking at a possible PHP 2.10 gas price rollback. As always, updates from PH Fuel Watch show movements in the prices of Brent Crude. Such movements affect worldwide prices and for tomorrow’s scheduled changes in prices, a rollback for gas is more likely, while a slight hike is seen for diesel.

Likely Gas price rollback, but diesel sees an increase

Compared to last week’s massive hike, gasoline users can breathe a bit easier this time. Gas prices are projected to go down by about PHP 2.10. That sheds off about 45% from last week’s massive PHP 3.81 increase. As for diesel, the current trends and online sources all point to a hike of about PHP 0.45.

Gas Price Inline 30may 01

Photo: PH Fuel Watch Facebook Page

The persisting eastern European crisis is still affecting petroleum product prices greatly. The world is standing by and waiting for what the European Union is going to do. That along with other economic factors the world over will ultimately dictate prices across the globe and not just in the Philippines.

As always, these diesel and gas price adjustments are estimates and are still subject to change within the day. For now, you can read our quick guide on how to bring down your vehicle’s fuel consumption here on this link. Remember that every peso, and every drop of fuel counts.

Mikko Juangco
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