Geely PH hits new sales record, just in time for 3rd anniversary

One of the standout automotive brands in the local industry has to be Geely, ever since their return to the Philippines 3 years ago the brand has gained and sustained remarkable sales figures.

Geely’s success locally can be attributed to the best-selling vehicles they’ve launched like the Coolray and the Okavango. They aren’t resting on their laurels though, as they continue to push for expansion and actually are now celebrating their 3rd anniversary by hitting another new milestone.

Geely PH all-new sales record

The automaker celebrated its 3rd anniversary with flying colors last month after it closed September registering its highest sales record of 1,112 units sales. This figure surpassed the 1,058 unit sales record logged in July. The Coolray, getting a chunk of sales at 654 units sold in September, proves that the Coolray remains to be the brand’s best-selling model.

Geely Philippines’ significant sales achievement year by year paved the way for the brand to reach its 15,000 sales milestone in just 3 years.  From January to September 2022, Geely PH registered accumulated sales of 7,311 units which represents a remarkable 92% increase in growth year on year compared to last year.

SGAP also focused on expanding its dealer network even during the challenging times of the pandemic. At present, Geely has 34 dealerships all over the country and more facilities will be opened soon as it set its eyes to achieve more than 40 dealer outlets in the interim.

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