Most affordable Honda Civic S variant unexpectedly removed from PH pricelist

In a surprising move, Honda Cars Philippines seems to have axed the Civic S variant. Serving as the base or entry-level variant in the Civic lineup, it is no longer available on the Honda website. That leaves us with two variants remaining in the Philippines, the V Turbo and the RS Turbo. Well, technically three if you want to include the Type R.

You’ll now need PHP 1.583M to get yourself started with a Civic

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The 2022 model 11th generation Civic was released into the PH market with three available variants, the S, V, and RS. At that time, the base level S only went for PHP 1.290M. Up to its surprising disappearance, its tag was already at PHP 1.368M, while the V and RS also got price increases since their debut. The former is now available for PHP 1.583M, and the latter at PHP 1.775M.

2022 Honda Civic Rear Center

Let’s do the math. To be able to get a Civic now, you’ll need to fork over an extra PHP 215,000. Despite what some people might think, the S already had all the necessary knick knacks for buyers to consider it over the higher-specced V. If we look at it, yes, the lineup is rather pricey on paper, but across all variants, features, and creature comforts were well-spread out so no one gets shortchanged whether opting for an entry-level or a range-topping model.

At its price, the S was already the most affordable (again, let’s look past its literal cost on paper), and a good number of them are on the roads already. Would-be buyers are now left with two to choose from, and they aren’t exactly that affordable.

2022 Honda Civic Vtec Turbo

No word has been mentioned as to why the Honda Civic S went out quite unceremoniously. Honestly, we were just as surprised and sad as the regular Juan when we found out. Now we wonder what the rationale is, and where it leaves the Civic faithful with regard to purchasing power.

If you were looking at the S, well we’re a brick ton out of luck. Perhaps an HR-V S would be more economical. It does start with a more affordable PHP 1.389 price tag, a shade higher than the Civic S. Plus it comes with more ride height and is just as capable, and maybe even more frugal with fuel consumption. … Hey, maybe that’s the push that Honda Cars Philippines is gunning for: more crossovers, fewer sedans, perhaps? Oh, take that thought with a grain of salt, we’re just speculating here.

But you have to admit, there is some merit in this thought.

Mikko Juangco
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