MMDA tows expensive but illegally-parked BMW i8 with expired LTO registration

Yup, the MMDA does not discriminate in its towing operations. Whether they are old or new, privately or government-owned, if you’re illegally parked, you get towed. Such was the experience of the owner of this rare sight, a BMW i8. And oh, it gets better. The car has an expired registration.

Park illegally, and the MMDA will tow your car, even if it’s a BMW i8

Mmda Bmw I8 Expired Registration Towed Inline 02 Min

Photo: MMDA

While it may be contrary to the offending party’s opinion, seeing laws enforced properly and impartially is most refreshing. MMDA Task Force Special Operations (TFSO) head Edison “Bong” Nebrija had always been at the forefront of keeping motorists law-abiding and the streets clear of obstructions, specifically illegally parked vehicles.

Just last Monday, the team might’ve nabbed its “priciest” car yet, a BMW i8. But we’re not here to talk about the car. Seeing that it was parked on the road, it had to be taken away per the land’s laws. Nebrija himself had to admire the car, saying “My first time to see an i8….pretty fancy hybrid sports car. Ganda! [Beautiful!]”

Mmda Bmw I8 Expired Registration Towed Inline 01 Min

Photo: Bong Nebrija

Aside from its gorgeous looks, and its hefty (more or less) PHP 18,000,000 price tag, there’s another violation that the owner of the BMW i8 will answer to; the vehicle’s OR is already expired. According to the owner, the car is an incentive for top-performing salespeople. In an interview, Nebrija said that it is still the responsibility of every motor vehicle owner, individual or company, to register the vehicle. Allegedly, the company that Nebrija described as “the type of a producer who can bring big names to Manila the latest of which was Mayweather” is being blamed by the individual who parked the car on the road.

But let’s get to the responsibility of registering the vehicle. In this particular instance, if the user owns the car, then registration falls solely on him or her. If it’s company-owned, yes, the company should be the one to process the registration. But take note, everyone: as the user, it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle you’re driving is registered. This statement follows the aforementioned “salespeople” who find themselves in the same situation blaming their company for providing them with an unregistered vehicle.

Mmda Bmw I8 Expired Registration Towed Inline 03 Min

Photo: MMDA

“May pambili ng sasakyan, wala namang paradahan [They have money to buy a car, but none to provide proper parking]” is something we hear very often. Another saying we have is “bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan huwag magalit”, which roughly translates to “if you’re affected, don’t get mad”.

We’re pretty sure that whatever circumstance provided this BMW i8 to its owner/driver, he’s not going to be happy that it’s been towed by the MMDA and that he now has to answer to the LTO as well for its expired registration. Like having a driver’s license, owning a motor vehicle also comes with responsibilities, and something as simple as parking in the right place and registering it is among them.

Talk about a double whammy. Maybe we should all be salesmen in that same line of business. … On second thought, no, it’s okay. We’re pretty happy where we are, aren’t we?

Mikko Juangco
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  1. Is the driver also happy for violating traffic laws!? Here in Mandaluyong illegal parking, even in designated mabuhay lanes, is rampant. Jeepneys and tricycles always violate “no loading unloading zones” in front of traffic enforcers. Why put these traffic signs when they don’t enforce it? ARE THEY THAT STUPID?

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