Would you buy 1 of the 75 cool 2023 Mitsubishi Strada S-Limited units for PHP 1.496M?

We have to admit it, there is still a heck of a lot of L200 pickups on the road. More than 100k units – including the Strada – to be exact, and Mitsubishi decided to come out with the Strada S-Limited to commemorate this awesome sales milestone. If you like what you see and would want to get one, you better be quick about it.

Only 75 units of the Strada S-Limited will be sold

Mitsubishi Strada S-Limited Inline 01 Min

Photo: Mitsubishi

The Strada S-Limited will sport a unique livery with some added details inside as well. Based on the GLS variant, only 75 of these units will be made and sold as a “commemoration” piece for 100k units being sold since the L200’s introduction in the 90s. Let’s see what sets it apart from the rest of the Strada lineup.

Mitsubishi Strada S-Limited Inline 02 Min

Photo: Mitsubishi

Before we get a little bit too excited, it’s not necessarily an all-new model. Again, it’s based on the GLS variant, so much of its innards and its body is still the same, save for some special decals and only one color option.

You’ll get a striped livery on the Strada S-Limited that are on the hood, tailgate, and doors. Gray and red are the color of choice, and the addition of glossy red-colored accent pieces make it all pop out a lot more. The specimen you see in these photos has “01” on the side. We’re not sure if that’s going to be standard for all units, but if those numbers work their way up to 75, that would be really cool; lets everyone know which of the 75 units you’re driving.

Oh, and the wheels from the Strada Athlete were slapped onto the S-Limited, too.

Mitsubishi Strada S-Limited Inline 03 Min

Photo: Mitsubishi

Speaking of red accent pieces, you’ll find them on the front end of the “skid plate”, and on the side and rear bumper step board as well. The S-Limited also comes with a tailgate spoiler for an added touch of sportiness, if you will.

Earlier we mentioned that there’s only one color option for the S-Limited, and that is White Diamond Pearl. Good choice if we might say so because it really highlights the decals and colors of the livery.

Mitsubishi Strada S-Limited Inline 04 Min

Photo: Mitsubishi

On the inside, the red accents continue. They’ve made their way onto the steering wheel stitching, the leather wrap on the handbrake lever, and even the seats’ upholstery. Not much has changed inside the cabin, but for those who like this contrast, then the S-Limited has that for you. As a bonus, the Strada S-Limited gets power-adjustable seats, too.

If you like what you see, you’ll have to shell out PHP 1,496,000 for one of the 75 units of the Strada S-Limited. If it took 100k unit sales for Mitsubishi Motor Philippines to come out with this, you’ll probably have to wait for the 200k milestone to get a unit as “special” as this.

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