Civic Type R and Seiko fans, this is a collab piece you’ll definitely want

Innovation and collaboration are part of any business’ core. If not, then they should be. Seiko and Honda seem to believe so and they’ve come out with a timepiece that can easily serve as any watch or car buff’s grail. Meet the Astron X Honda Civic Type R limited chronograph.

Limited Seiko-Honda collaboration piece pays tribute to Civic Type R

Seiko Astron Honda Civic Type R Watch Inline 01 Min

Photo: Seiko

The model that this limited chronograph is based on is the Astron. To pay tribute to the high-performance hot hatch, the timepiece – which is available in two colors – is designed with elements that you can find in the Civic Type R (CTR). The red colors are a dead giveaway, as this accent is highlighted with the CTR. Depending on the case of choice, you get more red on the silver model, but the black piece is no less attractive.

Seiko Astron Honda Civic Type R Watch Inline 05 Min

Photo: Seiko

Seiko Astron Honda Civic Type R Watch Inline 04 Min

Photo: Seiko

Perhaps the best feature of either timepiece is the R logo stamped right on the crown. If that’s not enough, the “r” of the “Tachymeter” on the chronograph’s bezel uses the same stylized lettering. Also in red, of course.

Another element that makes the silver model edge out the black option is the fact that its bezel is also painted in the CTR-only color Championship White. What’s common between both models, though, is the sapphire glass that they use.

Seiko Astron Honda Civic Type R Watch Inline 06 Min

Photo: Seiko

The case back also comes with a lot of reminders that what you have here is a special timepiece. Aside from the standard branding, the Honda and Type R logo are also added. The words “Limited Edition” are clearly visible, and in true Type R fashion, the numbering makes use of “R-001~300”, because “R-00_” is the same way that the actual CTR badges are numbered. From here we can already surmise that there will only be 300 pieces of this watch made. That is 300 pieces per color.

Seiko Astron Honda Civic Type R Watch Inline 02 Min

Photo: Seiko

Of course, it comes with features that come standard with an Astron solar timepiece. It has radio correction and it can receive automatic time and date updates from many areas around the globe. That said, it also has a World Time function, and being solar powered, you can take it anywhere you go without having to worry about batteries running out. The best bit? It is also magnet resistant, a feature that is usually found on high-end watches.

The box is quite special, too, as it has the Astron name, the H badge, and the Type R logo marked on the inner top lid. And oh, it comes with an extra strap made of Ultra Suede, the same material that the Type R’s seats are made of.

Its official name, according to the watchmaker’s website, is quite a mouthful: Seiko Astron Radio Wave Control Solar World Time Chronograph Honda CIVIC TYPE R Collaboration Limited Model. With all that it comes with, we won’t even complain.

Either timepiece model is priced at JPY 231,000 after taxes. If we were to compute that at the exchange rate as of this posting, that is roughly equivalent to PHP 93,729. This is only a rough conversion. After the hype and enthusiast tax have been added on, we can expect it to be sold for much more than that. That’s if any in the total of 600 pieces make it to the Philippines.

Both brands have a very big fanbase in the country, and we won’t be surprised if madly-connected or enterprising individuals manage to snag a couple of these timepieces. We hope that its price doesn’t get jacked up too much and that it already becomes unattainable for the “common” fanboys and fangirls.

Better yet, we can hope that the local watch dealerships can take us up on pre-orders. That’d be great news. No? Okay, we’ll just wait, then.

Mikko Juangco
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