Hyundai Motor Philippines confirms that the N brand will come to PH

Sneaky Sneaky Hyundai Motor Philippines (HMPH). A couple of days ago the brand hosted a Thanksgiving party that contained a few surprises. Firstly they snuck in 2 units of the upcoming 2024 Sta. Fe model 30, and announced that it will be coming to the Philippines sometime next year.

Complete with a product breakdown and presentation, we media representatives were hot in our seats waiting for an opportunity to run to the next room and see the Sta. Fe.

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Hyundai N is coming to PH

However, with excitement for the aforementioned vehicle at an all-time high, the president of HMPH Mr. Lee took the stage to commemorate the moment and announce a few more things. Using a professional tone, he teased something just as groundbreaking as the new Sta. Fe, Mr. Lee announced that something “N-joyable” is coming to the Philippines in 2024 as well.

As Mr. Lee continued to speak, a montage of the performance ‘N’ division of the Korean automaker was playing on the screen behind him. As I sat there and digested the news, I couldn’t help but be more excited about another bombshell announcement.

Of course, Mr. Lee’s presentation was a mere teaser, and no specific models were confirmed on that day. Looking at the catalog of N, there are 2 segments N models, and N line models. The distinguishing factor between both classifications is simple, N models are full bore performance enhanced vehicles that were created with performance in mind. N-line vehicles meanwhile are more of an exercise in performance style, adding sportier-looking bits to models without much (if any) real performance enhancements to the engine and underpinnings.

Hyundai N Inline

N line or N? or both?

Having 2 categories for performance models helps streamline the brand’s efforts to gauge market viability, we’ve seen that with other manufacturers locally as well. Although with Hyundai PH’s eagerness to stomp its way up the ladder of the local automotive scene, I would expect that locally we can see a mix of N line and true N models.

Eager to make a splash, the brand would likely bring in something like the Elantra N, Veloster N, or Kona N, or maybe go full-on bananas with the Ioniq 5 N, only time will tell.

Why the announcement matters

The fact is, this announcement is significant because it means Hyundai is taking the Philippines very seriously as a market. Over the years more and more brands have begun to see the local demand for affordable performance, and HMPH is joining the fray at exactly the right time.

Not to mention that these next-generation Hyundai N vehicles are already garnering international praise as true performance vehicles that can “stick it” to the already established performance divisions from other brands.


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