Important Katipunan Traffic Advisory: New 2-week Zipper Lane dry run starts tomorrow, Sep. 21

Just a little over a week since studies to address the Katipunan traffic began, it seems the MMDA, the Quezon City government, Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, and the University of the Philippines may have come up with an idea. Beginning tomorrow, September 21, 2023, the morning rush hour will see the opening and dry run of a Zipper Lane from 6:30 AM – 8:00 AM. The dry run will be held for two (2) weeks.

Dry run of Zipper Lane to try to alleviate morning Katipunan traffic

Ateneo Katipunan Traffic Advisory Quezon City Qc Government Inline 01 Min

Photo: QC Gov

Motorists who ply the Avenue on a daily basis know of the hellish Katipunan traffic during the morning rush hour. Hundreds of vehicles make their way toward the Katipunan school zones and gridlock gets backed up to Commonwealth-Balara in the southbound direction and White Plains in the northbound direction. The idea is to open a Zipper Lane from 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM from Monday to Friday (excluding any holidays that may fall in the 2-week dry run period) to “utilize the excess capacity of the Southbound direction of Katipunan Avenue after the intersection in front of Ateneo Gate 3”.

Ateneo Katipunan Traffic Advisory Quezon City Qc Government Inline 02 Min

Photo: QC Gov

During the Zipper Lane dry run hours, the Zipper Lane entry will be at the opening of the center island in the vicinity of Ateneo Gate 2, and its exit point will be at the intersection in front of Ateneo Gate 3. More importantly, only vehicles bound for Miriam College and further (towards UP Balara, Commonwealth, etc.) will be allowed to use the Zipper Lane. There will be strictly no turning right from the Zipper Lane into Ateneo Gate 3.

The hope is to ease Katipunan traffic going into both Ateneo and Miriam.

Mmda Katipunan Traffic Scheme Study Inline 02 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

For the next two weeks of the dry run, expect to see traffic enforcers from both the MMDA and the QC Government to guide motorists. On the same token, additional traffic directional signage will be installed for the benefit of all motorists who will be plying along Katipunan Avenue. Should this prove effective in addressing the Katipunan traffic situation, it could very well become a staple traffic scheme.

Can Katipunan traffic truly be improved? Will the dry run and possible permanent implementation of a Zipper Lane be the solution that Katipunan motorists so badly need? Let us know your thoughts, and if you have any, suggestions on how you would improve traffic in the area via the comments section below.

Mikko Juangco
  1. They should consider a flyover at the intersection of Katipunan and CP Garcia as this is the chokepoint for northbound and southbound vehicles. Or a skyway from this area all the way to the Ateneo flyover.

  2. Maybe some form of mass rail transit or cable car of sorts can be adopted where safe drop off and pick up points outside of the area specific for students are available? Removing the financial and right of way challenges (among others), it is a wild idea to reduce influx of vehicles at 2 points and dividing them further outside of the vicinity. Park in a large Drop off in TSora area, students and parents get to ride the rail/cable system fr there, and drop off near Miriam/Ateneo. Similar stations nearby with large lands can be used (marikina side, etc). Lots of challenges there i know, but it might help shave off some congestion. It’s free to dream 😅

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