Kia PH Confirms EV5 EV SUV launch sometime in 2024

Earlier today Kia PH held a preview of the newly refreshed Seltos, apart from the Seltos the brand representatives were excited to announce more new vehicles coming to the Philippines next year.

Kia EV5 PH launch

AC Motors boss Toti Zara announced that the Kia EV5 EV SUV is set to make a debut in the country in 2024. No other details have been confirmed apart from its launch but based on other markets that already have the EV5 we can check out what features could be introduced locally.

In terms of design, the EV5 resembles the much bigger EV9 with a predominantly boxy but futuristic design.

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The EV5 uses the same architecture as other brand EV models, including fast charging capabilities. In terms of battery options, there are single and dual-motor options available in other markets. The digital cluster and infotainment screen are both 12.3-inch units that are complimented by a fully digital 5-inch screen for the climate controls, which means almost all settings in the EV5 are embedded in the screens.

With the single-motor option, the power output is at about 215 hp, and the AWD dual-motor puts out around 308 hp. When it comes to range, the brand has estimated 529 km for the short range and 719 km for the full-long range. These figures were mentioned during the brand’s Asia launch, wherein the EV5 was announced for China, Korea, and other nations.

True specifications and price will of course be revealed by the brand during the official PH launch, till then we wait and see until 2024.


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