LTO counts big total of 1,737 apprehended Metro Manila motorists in May 2023 alone

The LTO has finished its tally of apprehensions made in May 2023. The total: 1,737 motorists in Metro Manila alone. After the pilot run and subsequent implementation of the Single Ticketing System, all of the government’s deputized agents have taken to the streets to look out for erring motorists. It seems there are a lot, given the May totals.

Various traffic violations seen in LTO apprehensions last month

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It’s worth noting that initially, those who are allowed to apprehend motorists under the Single Ticketing System are deputized agents of the MMDA, the Land Transportation Office, and LGU Traffic Personnel. At the end of last month, a total of 1,737 apprehensions made up the final count. According to LTO National Capital Region (NCR) Regional Director Roque Verzosa III, though, these apprehensions were made by field personnel from the Land Transportation Office, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), and the Philippine National Police (PNP) during regular operations.

“In total, the number of violations committed is 1,737, while the total apprehensions/TOP (Temporary Operator’s Permit) [issued were] 1,563,” Verzosa said.

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Curious as to what most of the apprehensions were for? It’s quite surprising, and concerning at the same time, because they were for violations of Republic Act (RA) 4136 or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, RA 8750 or failure to wear a seat belt, RA 10054 or failure to wear a motorcycle helmet, and RA 10666 or the Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act.

Specifically for violating RA 4136 (420 apprehended in total), violations such as operating a motor vehicle with defective accessories, disregarding traffic signs, failing to carry their OR/CR, using an unregistered motor vehicle, and reckless driving, among others, were the main reasons for the issuance of tickets.

Alongside, a total of 255 motorists were apprehended for failing to wear their seat belts, and 57 for failing to wear a helmet, with 253 motorists being educated by traffic enforcers on the significance of following traffic laws.

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Working hand-in-hand, deputized DPWH enforcers also apprehended a total of 781 drivers for violating the anti-overloading law while personnel from the PNP apprehended 97 motorists for failing to wear a motorcycle helmet, 8 for failing to wear a seatbelt, and 119 more motorists with other violations.

It wasn’t so far ago since the pilot run, and we can remember that in its first 3 days, 1,000 motorists were also nabbed by deputized agents. Perhaps we can see the total from May as a small win. But in case anyone needs a refresher, here’s our guide on the Single Ticketing System that all authorized traffic personnel abide by; don’t get caught unaware, yes?

With this in place, and the likelihood of the MMDA seeking the lifting of the Temporary Restraining Order on the No Contact Apprehension Policy, is Metro Manila on its way to reducing traffic violations and accidents? That remains to be seen, of course. For now, we all just have to be informed, be aware, and drive as safely and as responsibly as we could for the benefit of all.

Mikko Juangco
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